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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Wendi Zwaduk

Do You Want To?

My BFF lives far away and frankly, the only time we can talk is on chat. It’s not the way I’d prefer to talk—she’s my BFF and well, I swear we share a brain. (I borrowed it to write this post.) I miss her. I do.

So what’s this post got to do with the BFF? Plenty.

When I started writing, I wrote hot characters. Really. They have a hard time being cold. And they like to get it on. In detail. Oh, yeah, it’s hard having a guy who looks remarkably like Gerard Butler losing clothes in my mind. All those muscles...and that...I'll be right back.

(fanning self)

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, horny characters and the BFF. So, when I started writing, I knew the characters were horny toads. In the midst of a chat with BFF where I was complaining that the story was stuck, static, and not getting any better, she says,
What would your characters never do? 

I don’t know. 

Come on. What would they just NOT do?

Sex in public.

Make them do it.

What a radical idea! I know, I say that a lot. Radical ideas must be lauded. Anyway, I thought about it and decided, you know, the characters might want to try it. But one thing you have to can’t MAKE a character do something. Sure, you can put them in scenes or situations they don’t want to be in. That creates tension. But to simply say, guess what, you’re going to love her and you’re going to have sex in the back of an doesn’t always jive. Actually, most of the time for me, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

In my current WIP, I have a stock car driver and the woman he wants to love him. Ok, fine. That part’s working out just fine. He likes her, she’d rather he drops dead. Perfect. But my problem is, he’s not big on sex outside. Crazy thought, a guy who isn’t ready and able to perform at any moment. He’s a real card. I tried to force the issue. I said, do you want to have sex on the hood of a Camaro? 

Woo doggy, you should’ve been here. I swear I’m still smelling the tang of burnt rubber and overheated brakes. He fought me all the way—and not because of the car brand, he’s a Chevy driver—he just didn’t want to be outside. Now being a little less masochistic than I’ll admit out loud, I pulled back and let him do his thing. Turns out, he’s got a dominant streak a mile wide, as long as no one else is watching.  

Isn’t that special?

So now I’m wondering—that’s the green smoke you see, I have to add a little grease to the mental gears or they overheat—have you ever tried to force your characters? What was the outcome? If you got it to work, was it because they really wanted to do whatever the situation was you threw them into? I’m dying to know. I’m hesitant to really torture my characters and if I can learn anything, call me a sponge. I am here to learn.


Cathy M said...

That was so much fun to read Wendi, and I can't wait for some Camaro sexiness.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Ahhh, gotta love Camaro sexiness. I'm still slavin' away at it, but yanno, looking at my mind's version of Tucker, combined with a brand spankin' new Camaro....::::shivers::::::