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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: AC Katt

Setting the Stage…

Writing a novel is about character development, plot and setting the stage.  Whenever I begin a novel, I like to picture it as a movie with sets for each room where the action takes place.  The picture on the left represents one of Milo’s gardens in Shattered Glass.  Milo, the rock and roll hero gardened while his lover, Liam sat on a bench in the yard and played the guitar. The picture I found focused my mind and enabled to me to plot the movement of the characters through their setting while giving the readers a verbal picture of the garden Milo planted for his lover.
In The Sarran Plague Anya Forrester, a pediatric resident at Manhattan General Medical Center is in Intensive Care in the opening scene.  She is dying of a unknown plague virus that attacked all of the fertile women on earth.  The picture to the right enabled me to correctly describe the atmosphere of hopelessness that Anya felt while lying in the ward which was tragically understaffed.
In A Matter of Trust, currently nominated for the LRC award for best BDSM novel, Bear Drummond was into very conservative English fashion.  I looked around and found some pictures that gave me the look and feel of the clothing so that I could accurately describe what Bear wore and contrast it to the very shabby clothing of his “perfect boy,” Brian. 
I also went to the mall to look for the type of store Bear would shop to buy clothing for Brian once Bear’s friend Reed convinced him that Country English wouldn’t be Brian’s style.

The Sarran Plague will be re-released from Captiva Press in Spring of 2011.  Shattered Glass is available now from Captiva at in both e-format and paperback and in Kindle format and paperback from  If you wish to know more about me and my work, please visit my website at, friend me on Facebook or visit me at where I maintain two blogs: and  You can listen to my radio show on Thursdays on  at 12:00 noon eastern time.

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