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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

Changing topics today, I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask you about a new project I’m working on. I’ve decided it’s time to go back to a paranormal and fantasy world for a bit, so I’m in the process of creating a new series. That got me wondering about the whole series thing. Do you prefer a set of stories that involve the same or linked characters, or do you like to start fresh each time? I’ve been asked many times for sequels to my books, and only on a couple of occasions have I felt the need to go back and revisit, or tell new chapters with the same people. I rarely read series books now, because I don’t have the time needed to commit to them. Since I began reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood books and been introduced to a couple of other series, it’s got me thinking that perhaps it’s time to reassess my personal stance on “series” books in my own catalogue.

The new hero I will soon be introducing you all to is an angel who is torn from his ascension to heaven, literally in the middle of it. He believes himself to have been cast out, and is not a happy hero, to be sure. I can see many stories already about him, he’s got a strong voice and is currently mad as hell about his situation. So, before I invest in him, I’d really love to know if you wonderful readers will want to invest in his story, too, because without you, there’s not much point. His name is Gabriel, by the way, and he can travel through time. I already know what he’s looking for, and I’d love to tell you about it. Who’s in?? And if you want to see this series, what kinds of things will make it appeal to you most? I would love to give you all a set of books that will make you smile, because that’s what this is all about–entertaining people.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your days to visit here, and for all your comments. They and you are much appreciated!


Cindy Jacks said...

Personally, I'm DYING to meet Gabriel :) This project is gonna be so cool! HUGS!

Denysé said...

Thanks, Cindy - I think we're on to something special with this, and I think you'll like Gabriel, too! I'm hoping to introduce you two very soon - like maybe tomorrow!! LOL

Love and HUGS,

Anonymous said...

Hey...this is going to be so glad to see you back where I want you to

Lisa J said...

I simply loved M&B by Carole Mortimer when I was younger - not only were the stories great, but some of then were 'linked together' by a couple of characters, who cropped up in each other's stories - even in a small way - and seemed to make the whole series more realistic.
Afterall, we all know people who know other people, if you see what I mean(?).