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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Luck of the Irish by Angie Jarrett

“This is the last time I will ever come out with you on St. Patrick’s Day, do you hear me?” Patrick looked over to his friend Ryan.

“Come on, Patrick, it’s not that bad.” Ryan said with a laugh.

“Keep laughing your ass off; you’re not the one they keep asking if they have a pot of gold between their legs or to grant them three wishes, which by the way I can’t bear to repeat. Sick freaks!”

“Just because I’m short with red hair doesn’t give these barbarians the right to give me shit.”

“I’m going to go over to the bar and get a refill, you want another?” Ryan asked as he stood to head to the bar.

“Yeah, one more then I’m out of here. I think I’m starting to turn green from all this beer.” Patrick didn’t understand why people felt the need to dye beer green for this holiday; it looked radioactive.

“Sweetheart, are you looking to get lucky?” A voice purred next to Patrick’s ear.

Patrick’s face burned red. He had had it with these drunken idiots. This guy was going to get a piece of his mind. “Listen here, you jerk. No, I’m not looking to get lucky; I’m not a leprechaun; I cannot grant you three wishes; and there is no pot of gold between my legs so just move on, buddy. There’s no getting lucky here.”

Patrick turned to glare at the man and had to look up, way up to meet his gaze. Patrick couldn’t believe it. He was staring at a golden god at least a foot taller than him. Blond hair, tan skin, and the prettiest set of blue eyes Patrick had ever seen. This guy was so hot he could say anything he wanted and Patrick would still go home with him.

“Your shirt says Got Luck? So I figured you were looking for some. It was a joke. My name is Ben.” He held out his hand for Patrick to shake.

Patrick stared at his hand for a minute before his brain began to work. Oh shit; he forgot his shirt said that on the back. Now he looked like an ass. “Hi I’m Patrick,” he said while shaking Ben’s hand.

“You look really cute when you blush, Patrick. Did you know that?” Ben grinned at him.

If it were possible Patrick got even redder. “So, Ben, what can I help you with?”

Ben’s lopsided grin turned into a full smile at that question. “Well, I saw you standing here and thought I would come and see if you wanted some company.” Ben reached out to run his fingers down Patrick’s cheek.

Patrick closed his eyes at the contact. The feel of Ben’s rough fingers on his skin sent a shiver down his spine. As he opened his eyes he couldn’t speak; all he could do was stare. At that moment Patrick knew he was a goner; whatever Ben asked for he would be helpless to deny him.

Ben leaned in to whisper in Patrick’s ear, “Sweetheart, why don’t we get out of here; what do you say?”

Patrick took a deep breath and pulled back to look Ben in the eyes. “I’ll need to tell my friend that I’m leaving.”

“Is that him over there giving you the thumbs up?”

Patrick turned around to see Ryan, in fact, giving him a thumbs up with a huge smile on his face.

“Your place or mine?” Patrick got out in a rush.

“Mine. I live just a block away. We can walk from here. If that’s ok with you, Patrick.” Ben gave him that sexy grin.

Patrick could have melted into the floor. The way Ben said his name was sexy as hell. Patrick just nodded and let Ben lead him out the door.

When they reached Ben’s apartment he pulled out his key and unlocked the door. He stepped back to let Patrick enter first. Once Patrick was inside Ben walked in and shut the door and reached over to turn on the lamp sitting on the end table. Once the light was on Ben turned to Patrick with those big blue eyes, Patrick could see the desire in them. Before Patrick knew what he was doing he was kissing Ben.

The feel of Ben’s smooth soft lips set Patrick on fire. Patrick licked at the crease of Ben’s lips until he opened up to let Patrick’s tongue inside. Patrick thought Ben tasted so good, like Junior Mints and coffee.

Ben broke the kiss and started kissing down Patrick’s neck to where his neck and shoulder met. He slid his hands up Patrick’s shirt and ran his finger tips over his sensitive nipples. Patrick moaned out loud at the sensation. Ben pulled back far enough to pull off Patrick’s shirt. Once he had Patrick’s shirt off he went to his knees to undo Patrick’s pants. The sound of the zipper going down gave Patrick goose bumps all over his skin. As he pulled Patrick’s pants down he stopped long enough to help remove his shoes then push the garments out of the way.

Patrick didn’t know what to do, so he just stared down at Ben’s head. He watched as Ben leaned forward and placed a soft kiss to the tip of his cock and licked at the head. Patrick let out a whimper. Patrick couldn’t help it; he ran his fingers through Ben’s thick wavy blond hair and held on. His legs started to feel wobbly; the only thing keeping him standing was Ben’s hands on the back of his thighs.

Ben looked up at him then. “Everything ok, sweetheart?” he said it with a lazy grin on his face.

Patrick could barely breathe. Ben stood up then and moved Patrick against the wall. Once he had him pinned there he placed a bruising kiss to Patrick’s mouth. Patrick melted into the kiss letting Ben do as he wanted. The feel of his tongue gliding in and out of his mouth was just too much for Patrick. Patrick thrust out his tongue to tangle with Ben’s.

Patrick felt Ben’s big warm hands reach down to grab his ass and lift him up. Patrick grabbed onto Ben’s shoulders and wrapped his legs around his stomach as he carried him back to his bedroom. Patrick thought to himself this is the one time being small came in handy.

They reached Ben’s room still kissing. Ben laid Patrick down on his bed and started to undress, Patrick was watching his every move. When Ben was completely naked he stood there stroking his cock and eating Patrick up with his gaze.

Patrick was breathing hard now. If he thought Ben was sexy before with his clothes on he was drop dead steamy with them off. His hard cock was huge and thick and Patrick couldn’t wait to have it inside his body.

“Please, Ben, stop teasing me.” Patrick moaned.

Ben climbed up between Patrick’s legs, kissing his mouth as he lay on top of him. Ben reached over to the bed side table and pulled out a condom and the lube and laid them beside Patrick’s head. Patrick heard the click of the lid open and then he felt Ben’s fingers rubbing at his entrance. He tensed up at the feeling he wanted it so bad he couldn’t stand it. Just then one large finger pushed through his ring of muscle. It felt so good Patrick was afraid he would come too soon. Patrick tried to relax as Ben added a second finger scissoring them in and out of his hole.

Patrick’s eyes opened as Ben removed his fingers. He was getting ready to protest the loss of contact when he felt the tip of Ben’s cock push into his ass. Patrick moaned out loud, unable to keep it in. He felt so full with Ben’s cock inside him. Ben started to move in short hard strokes hitting his sweet spot with every inward stroke. Patrick was squirming on the bed unable to hold still. The feel of Ben’s hard sweaty body on his was sending him over the edge. Ben sped up his strokes and Patrick couldn’t hold back anymore. He came shouting Ben’s name.

One, two, three more pushes and Ben came on a loud moan. He dropped forward on top of Patrick bracing his weight on his elbows so he wouldn’t crush him.

Breathing heavy Ben looked into Patrick’s eyes and smiled. “So, sweetheart, what are you doing tomorrow night?”

Patrick stared into Ben's blue eyes and smiled back. He thought to himself there must be some truth to the old saying the luck of the Irish, because he sure as hell felt lucky right now.

About the author: I’m a stay at home mom to four rowdy kids. I love to read and I read a lot. I married my best friend who encourages my desire to become a writer and lets me bounce ideas off his head from time to time.

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