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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lipstick and Jazz by Leanore Elliott

It was Mardi Gras again. Women were half-dressed and throw beads adorned many a bare-busted chest. Jazz leaned over the side of the metal balcony. She watched the bands and joyous crowd move down Bourbon Street. Oh, how I love this time of year! She reached down into her purse for her lipstick. She raised it to her lips to smooth it on, and pulled it back. This was that new toy her sister had given her for her birthday.

“Carry it in your purse for...?” Her sister had winked. “Emergencies.”

Jazz smiled. I wonder if anyone would even know, if I just slipped it in and let it take care of my lips? She opened her thighs and slipped it into her pussy. She pictured his face and those icy-blue eyes when he had looked at her last week. It had made her go wet in her panties.

Jazz felt a hand caress her ass. “Enjoying the parade, Beb’?”

She spun around. Detective Gilbeau! The little vibe from the lipstick caused a shiver. What can I do? “How did you get into my room, detective?”

“I’m a cop, we can get in anywhere.” His blue eyes twinkled.

“If you will excuse me, Lieutenant Gilbeau?”

He grabbed her up. “I’m here because I believe you are guilty of a crime.”

“What?”She paled.

“Withholding evidence...” He smiled. “It’s a very serious crime.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Her face flamed with guilt; she indeed withheld something, and it purred between her thighs.

He lowered his hot mouth and kissed her.

Wow, he was a great kisser!

He pulled his mouth away from hers.

“Just tell me what you want.” I so need to get away from him.

He tilted his head at her. “I want what you’ve withheld from me.”

Did he see me slip the little lipstick up my dress?

“First... I had wanted to taste your lips.”

He knows! She felt her pussy throb.

“Check....” Gilbeau’ stared closely at the tender swell of her just kissed lips. “Next, I wish to feel your skin, but you must give me a moment...” He lowered the thin straps of her dress. “The next item is entirely visual...” lowering her dress to reveal her bare nipples. “Yes, I had imagined a beautiful image,” he spoke low. “Now this sampling is a little tricky. It counts as taste and feel...” His mouth latched onto her breast while his fingers pinched her other hardening nipple.

She forgot all about hiding from him.

“Now to see if this one tastes the same as the first.” He sucked on her nipple

The vibrator hummed and she grew wetter. Oh, I’m gonna cum, if I don’t get rid of this lipstick!

“There are several other items...” He winked.

“Weh’?” Is one of them lipstick by any chance? She felt a giddy adrenaline rush.

“Weh’ and one important item is...?” Her dress slid to the floor. “To hear your voice...”

I need to just show him the little vibrator before he finds it. She opened her mouth to speak.

He placed his fingers to lips. “No...Not yet.” He picked her up, and moved her to the wall.

She hugged his waist with her bare thighs.

Gil felt the vibrator hum across his belly. “Quoi faire? What is that?” He reached down to feel the little vibrator that was humming her. “You’re a hot little girl...”

She could feel her own juices smear on her thighs.

“I will let you finish and then, I will vibrate you.”

Her eyes widened.

“Cherry Red is the brand you wear, Weh'?"He slipped it in and out.

"Please...?” The little vibes slid across her wet clit, and her body began to spasm.

He looked down at her pussy and increased the torturous rhythm.

She was in full orgasm now.

He watched the ecstasy pass across her face. “Hot...”

"Unh...” she helplessly moaned low as she came.

“Mmmm, a very sexy sound...” He kissed her with a slow exploration of her mouth.

Jazz put her arms around his neck.

“I want you to unbuckle my belt,” he whispered to her lips.

She moved her shaky fingers down to unbuckle his belt.

He was wearing a sexy pair of dark blue briefs. “I’ll never look at lipstick the same way again.” He chuckled.

Jazz stared at his hard, jutting cock and felt a rush of adrenaline course through her. “I had an emergency,” she defended.

He looked puzzled. “An emergency...?”

“You...” She grinned.

“And why is it, you wear no bra or panties?” It had just occurred to him.

“I saw you this afternoon down in the Quarter. I knew you were tailing me...”

“So you knew I stalked you with indecent intentions?” he asked.

“I had hoped it wasn’t all those parking tickets I have.” She giggled.

He thrust his ready cock up into her waiting wetness.

Her giggle halted. “Ahh...” she let out an ecstatic moan.

“That is what I waited to hear.” He tilted her hips high, so she would feel full penetration. He pounded into her repeatedly.

She felt her climax begin and she threw her head back. “Oh...”

“Weh’, my hot little, Creole girl...” He grabbed her bare ass, pulling her tighter to him. “Cum for me, Cher.’” He carried her to the bed as he came inside of her. He let her upper body drop down onto the bed. “I’ll have to stay inside of you while we negotiate for those parking tickets.” He drew a wicked brow up at her.

Jazz stilled for a moment. She started to laugh and almost hyperventilated.

He lowered the little lipstick vibrator to her still throbbing clit, and began to move his cock inside of her with a slow, sensuous rhythm.

She could hear the jazz music, and roars of wild laughter that drifted in from the revelry down on Bourbon Street. Yes, Mardi Gras. Oh, how I love this time of the year!

About the author: Leanore Elliott is a published author of three different Paranormal Erotic series. She writes erotica for women and calls it Romantica.

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