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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Maeve Alpin

Steamy Erotica Steampunk Romance by Maeve Alpin

Erotica romance readers want a little more. I think that’s perfectly understandable. There’s the expression  some like it hot  but I think  we all like it hot, sometimes is a lot more honest. My steampunk romance As Timeless As Stone is quite steamy and, though set in the Victorian era, it doesn’t keep what takes place under the sheets secret. Here is a hot excerpt from As Timeless As Stone:

“There is another papyrus you should look at as well.” Ricard winked at her.

“I will see to some other matters while you two use my office to decipher both papyri.” Jean François left with a mischievous grin on his face.

Ricard unfolded a scroll across the top of the large mahogany desk. “This is a little after your time, found in Deir el Medine from the era we call the New Kingdom.” He pointed to an image of a man, with the top of his head shaven and hair left on the sides, garbed in a kilt that tied in front, exposing a huge, erect phallus. Ricard’s breath grew shallow and his cock grew hard from just looking at the image with Seshat.

“We had papyri like this in the temple library.” She gazed at the drawing of a man with a woman in a shoulder-length wig with bangs, banded by a gold headband, who stood fully nude, except for a bracelet, a double-stranded beaded necklace and a beaded belt beneath her navel. “This one.” The man carried the woman, positioned so her legs wrapped around his shoulders and her sex lay open to him as he pumped her. She humorously patted his head with one hand and primped her hair with the other. “But I’ll sit on the desk while you stand.” Seshat pulled her hat-pin out and laid the flowery straw bonnet on the chair.

Ricard locked the office door.

“You must help me out of this confounded dress.”

Ricard unfastened the tiny clasps in the back. He wanted to scream, it took forever. Finally, he peeled the dress off of her and did the same with the petticoat and chemise. She pulled her undergarment loose before he could catch his breath. After unbuttoning her shoes, she kicked them to the side of the room.

As always, the sight of her long, naked body struck him speechless. She grabbed the collar of his frock coat and yanked it off him. His fingers flew down his vest, unbuttoning it. She tugged on his cravat, unraveling it. Hastily, he unbuttoned his white shirt. She grabbed his trousers at the waist and pushed them to his ankles. He stepped out of them then unbuttoned and kicked off his shoes. Her heated gaze fell upon his hard, throbbing cock.

She sat on the edge of the desk. Ricard’s heart pounded as he stood facing her. He gasped as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his shoulders. Bracing herself, she flattened and pressed her palms against the top of the desk. She leaned back. Ricard’s breath became shallow as he took his cock in his hand and guided it into her tight sheath. He grasped her shoulder with one hand. A jolt of heat surged through him as he slipped the head of his cock fully inside her. Ricard moaned as he thrust himself to the hilt. His entire body burned and throbbed as he slid in and out of her moist, pulsating core. He sunk deeper and higher into her, each time. Leaning his head back, he quickened the pace, ramming into her hard and fast. Her sheath wrapped around his sex, hot and tight as he thrust wildly. Pure, explosive pleasure coursed through him. His body trembled and he thrust higher. He groaned long and low as he burst, flooding into her. Seshat shuddered uncontrollably and cried out with unabashed passion.

He was still panting as she lowered her legs and he pulled out of her. “Hurry, let’s get dressed before Jean François comes back.” He grabbed his clothes off the floor. “We’re supposed to be studying the papyrus.” Ricard let out a low, throaty laugh.

He threw his shirt and vest back on and slipped into his pants. Ricard helped Seshat back into her dress. He swung her into the circle of his arms and pressed his mouth against hers, gently covering her warm, soft lips. He released the kiss. “We fit together in body and mind. No matter what anyone says, we belong together.”

“Of course we belong together. The gods have proven that. Even time could not get in our way.” She returned his kiss.

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