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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Author Spotlight: Mysti Holiday

Four Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Meet the other Wild Women in person.

The writing group I belong to – Menagerie Authors – consists of four women. We’re all online friends, but only Megan and Kealie have met IRL. Someday I’d like for all four of us to get together somewhere and just hang out. Of course, the world may not survive it, but still ... it would be insanely fun.

2. See All 50 States

I don’t really crave world travel, but I do wish I could see all fifty states. I’ve driven through about half of them, but that was literally THROUGH and we didn’t stop except to get gas and pee, so they don’t count. Before I die I want to see Mt. Rushmore. The Grand Ole Opry. A Broadway Show. Arches National Park. Four Corners. Alaska. And so much more...

3. Write a NYT Bestselling Novel.

I can’t even begin to imagine how being on the bestseller list would take my breath away. Just once, I’d like to see my name there. Be asked for my autograph. Be on 50,000 reader’s “auto buy” list. Have agents knocking on my door instead of the other way around. Have a movie option taken on my book.

4. See my daughter get her own HEA.

I want to see my daughter meet a true Prince Charming and live happily-ever-after. A man who adores her, who listens when she talks, who brings her flowers for no reason, who tells her how much she’s appreciated. I want to make sure she’s happy, healthy and taken care of before I’m gone.

What about you? What things are on your bucket list?

Visit Mysti at her blog or website.

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