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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Victoria Blisse

Five fun facts! 

Today I’m going to give you some fun facts about Tom and Helen the main characters in Sweet Surrender   and also about me, their creator.

Fun facts about workaholic submissive Helen.
She will never eat blue smarties. Blue food is wrong in her opinion.
Helen is a Manchester United fan and keeps an autographed photo of Ryan Giggs on her bedside table.
Some of her underwear is over ten years old but apparently it’s comfortable.
Her favourite supper after a long day in the office is a ketchup butty on white bread.
She never irons anything unless she desperately needs to.

Fun facts about suave and confident  Tom.
He will happily tell you he went to university. What he won’t tell you is he only went there to be a nude model for the art classes.
Tom is also a Manchester United fan and he has a signed poster of Cantona over his dining table.
He has still got his childhood teddy bear hidden away in a cupboard. He still takes him out now and then for a cuddle.
Tom HATES Yorkshire puddings.
His favourite subject at school was Mathematics.

Fun facts about their crazy creator, me!
When I set my alarm clock it always has to be an unusual number like 5:43 or 7:36 I just can’t do 7.30 or 8.00, I don’t know why.
My favourite singer in my teen years (only 20 years ago!) was Cliff Richard and still is!
I can’t drive.
The first joke I ever learned was this:
What do a greyhound and a bald man have in common?
They both make a little hair/hare go a long way!
 I also am a Manchester united fan and have a book filled with autographs I collected in my late teens hidden away in my bedroom!

Now, tell me your fun facts! I think it’s these little quirks that really make us unique.

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