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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Beverly Rae

Doing as My Parents Did 

   My husband and I always told our daughter that she will be responsible for paying for her college education. The reasons were several, but the two most important reasons were that her father and I would be retiring (or so we'd thought so before the recession hit) and because we believed she'd appreciate the education more if she paid for it. We told her that we would help, but our contribution would not amount to more than one third of the expense. And, growing up, she believed us. I believed us.

   Or so I thought.

   Now that college is imminent, however, I'm finding it difficult to stick to the plan. After all, my parents paid my way through all four years, so shouldn't I do the same for my child? Sure, her father paid for his education, but that meant we were still paying off his student loans well after graduation. Those are both reasons to help her out, right? Granted, economic conditions are not good and my husband hasn't seen a salary increase in over three years, but we're doing okay. However, my husband is sticking to his guns on this decision.

   Or so I thought.

   He was staying strong, at least, until she received the acceptance notice to her first choice college. Then, when she received a scholarship, I could almost see his resolve bending under the sweet smiles she gave him and the knowing looks I tossed his way. One third of her college education will be paid for by the university's scholarship. Sweet, huh? Yet I could almost hear him wondering. Could we count the scholarship as our one third? Sure. Why not? 

   Or so he thought.

   Since the notice of the scholarship, however, my husband and I have changed our minds. Have we changed them for the better? Who's to say? Instead of saving for our retirement, we're now saving for college. A little late, but there it is. We're about two-thirds of the way to having the necessary money for the first year. The dorm room is reserved and the letter of intent is mailed. We've even signed up for an orientation program designed for the parents of incoming freshmen. We're knee-deep in searching for additional scholarship money. As for the other three years, she'll be on her own.

   Or so we think.
When hunter becomes hostage, the only question is: Death by bite, or by bullet?

Cannon Pack, Book 3

At night, Lauren Kade trades her white coat and dental drill for a black uniform and a gun. But not to hunt the shifters she once swore to eliminate. Driven by lingering guilt for killing a female shifter a year ago, she covertly throws other hunters off the trail. She’s good at it, too…until she’s taken hostage by a sexy werewolf whose thirst for revenge is even bigger and badder than his attitude.

Daniel Cannon tried everything to outrun the pain of his mate’s murder, but when hunters take down another pack member, it’s more than he can stand. Now that he’s got one of them at his mercy, though, something strange is happening. Her day job may set his teeth on edge, but her luscious curves make him salivate. In spite of her past sins, she insists she’s reformed into some kind of werewolf guardian angel.

Worse, his heart wants to believe her, and his body aches to mark her as his. Yet going against his instincts could turn him from lover to prisoner. Just when his pack needs him most…

Product Warnings

Be advised. This is not a test. Your limits are about to be pushed. Your desires will be met. Your heart will burst with pleasure and your dreams will be fulfilled. Prepare yourself for sex hotter than the sun on the driest desert. And if you dare, then run with the pack.

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