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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Victoria Blisse

Tom’s Tour

Tom, in Sweet Surrender, is an artist who loves to take photos of the bustling seaside town of Scarborough. He offers to take out-of-towner Helen on a tour of his favourite places. Here’s Tom’s special tour just for you!

Hi all, I’m Tom and I’m your Tour Guide for today. We’re going to start down on the beach, always a good place to start. Scarborough has two bays and we’re on the beach at the South Bay looking back inland. The big building you can see in the imposing yellow brick is The Grand Hotel. It has been accepting guests for over 140 years.

If we turn around and look out towards the harbour you can see some of the fishing boats that busily leave and come back to the harbour all through the day. As a local I  will proudly tell you that some of the very best seafood is brought back in those boats. You can’t beat a good piece of Scarborough caught fish.

Now I’m taking you over the far end of Scarborough, to the Spa side of Town and when we look down from our vantage point atop the cliffs we get a magnificent view of Scarborough’s South bay and the castle which has been a part of the skyline of Scarborough for many centuries.

Now over in the North Bay there are many wonderful views and sights. You can look at the brightly coloured beach huts or the clean, bright beach and admire the manicured lawns and the Chinese design of Peasholm Park but I have brought you to the Miniature Railway to show you Triton, one of the little steam engines that pulls carriages full of tourists up and down the North Bay line each day. 

Anyone who visits Scarborough should take a trip on the railway, it will take you back to your childhood instantly. I take a ride whenever I am in need of cheering up! 

Thanks all, I hope you enjoyed your quick tour around my home town!


Gale Stanley said...

Victoria, I loved the virtual tour, but I want more. Are you up for visitors?

Kim S. said...

Awesome pics Victoria! Thanks!

Victoria Blisse said...

Gale, certainly! However I live in near Manchester and only get to visit Scarborough on holiday. We could meet up there though! :)

Kim -Thanks, glad you liked them!