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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Beverly Rae

What's Bugging You? 
   What bugs you? What changes you from a normal, well-adjusted, sane person into a person who wants to throttle someone's neck? What really ticks you off?

   In our increasingly frantic world where space is becoming more limited and time is crammed pack with errands and work, do you find that people are growing more impatient? I think so. Consider this. How often do you find yourself clenching your hands while in public, just trying to keep your temper under wraps? I bet you do that more than you think you do.

   Here's just a few of things that really bother me. Things that, if I'm honest with myself, didn't bother me a few years ago.

   Gum chewing: Why must the gum chewing person make those damn popping sounds? Must they let everyone around them know how much they're enjoying their gum? And don't even get me started about gum on the bottom of my shoe! Seriously, people, use a trash can.

   Low-riders: No, I'm not speaking of the cars. I'm talking about the way young men wear their jeans. How can that be comfortable? Aren't they afraid their pants will fall down? Would they even care if they did? In any case, I'm begging you. Please pull them up! I have no desire to know what color your undies are or get an “attack of the crack”.

   Rich people getting richer: Okay, I admit it. I'm jealous. But with less people taking more of the wealth in our country, I'm getting a bit fed up. I mean, seriously, Oprah, how much money does one person need? Answer? Enough to own your own network. Sheesh, I wish.

   Un-fantasy: Yes, I know that's not a real word. But that's not my gripe. My complaint is that I wish the world had more fantasy in it. Not just in books, but with real live fantasy characters like fairies and wizards. Of course, I'm not wishing for a werewolf in my living room or a vampire in my bedroom. Okay, maybe that last one would be good. No, I just want the good stuff like a genie in a bottle that could make all my wishes come true.

   So what bugs you? Do any of my gripes make your list? Or do you have other things that bug you?

   Still, I have to wonder. Has my list grown longer because our world is so harried and people are less polite? Or is it more a matter of my growing older and grumpier? I think maybe it's a combination. Nonetheless, I promise from this point forward to do my best to remain under control and patient of those around me. But if I fail, please accept my apology ahead of time. Sorry!
When hunter becomes hostage, the only question is: Death by bite, or by bullet?

Cannon Pack, Book 3

At night, Lauren Kade trades her white coat and dental drill for a black uniform and a gun. But not to hunt the shifters she once swore to eliminate. Driven by lingering guilt for killing a female shifter a year ago, she covertly throws other hunters off the trail. She’s good at it, too…until she’s taken hostage by a sexy werewolf whose thirst for revenge is even bigger and badder than his attitude.

Daniel Cannon tried everything to outrun the pain of his mate’s murder, but when hunters take down another pack member, it’s more than he can stand. Now that he’s got one of them at his mercy, though, something strange is happening. Her day job may set his teeth on edge, but her luscious curves make him salivate. In spite of her past sins, she insists she’s reformed into some kind of werewolf guardian angel.

Worse, his heart wants to believe her, and his body aches to mark her as his. Yet going against his instincts could turn him from lover to prisoner. Just when his pack needs him most…

Product Warnings

Be advised. This is not a test. Your limits are about to be pushed. Your desires will be met. Your heart will burst with pleasure and your dreams will be fulfilled. Prepare yourself for sex hotter than the sun on the driest desert. And if you dare, then run with the pack.

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