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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Victoria Blisse

Exciting Excerpts! 

And as I don’t know any numbers starting with X I’m going to give you ten lines as X is ten in roman numerals.  So here are three extra short and extra hot snippets from my latest release Sweet Surrender  for you to enjoy.

Excerpt 1:

“Okay, they’re gone.” Tom smiled at her, planting a peck of a kiss on her lips.
“Stop it,” she snapped, angry at herself and her sluttish body for letting him go so far.
He shrugged and stepped back. Bending down, he pulled at the skimpy material hooked around her shoes.
"No!” she gasped.
But his tug threw her off balance and she slipped, back against the wall, one foot flying up and her knickers coming loose. He gripped them in his hand and smiled up at her. Her choice was between lifting her foot and letting him have her knickers or falling on her arse, scrapping her back down the wall in the process.
She lifted her foot.
She was horrified and aroused as he lifted the crimson satin to his nose, then slipped it into his shirt pocket, letting the abundant material stick out of the top like a gentleman’s handkerchief.

Excerpt 2:

It was instinct to lift the camera and capture the beauty before him. In retrospect it was possibly a mistake. He might have seen more of her if the audible whirring of his camera hadn’t reached her ears. However he had ended up beneath her, her body pressed down on his and that was not exactly a bad position to find himself in.
He was sure she would be able to feel his arousal, how could he help himself with her thighs slip around him and her sexy, curvy body pressed so close to his.  He would fuck her right here, right now if he could have his way with the cool breeze caressing intimate naked flesh and their moans bouncing off the trees. He’d not even care if they attracted an audience, he’d just go right on fucking her. He had to have her, had too and he would keep on trying until the thin veil of modesty she held up between them broke. He knew she could feel the chemistry too, she just needed to give in to it.
He lifted his head and their lips were once again united.

Excerpt 3:
“There’ll be time for that later.” Tom strode away from the window and over to Helen. He pressed her up against the wall and kissed her with more passion than he knew he possessed. He fell into her soft womanly folds, feeling her envelope him in a hug that brought them together, completely together.
Lips locked, chests pressed so close that they could barely breathe, groins nestled against each other, joining through the clothes that tried to keep them apart. Hands roamed free, caressing and stroking, ever moving and ripping at clothes.
The passion took over. Helen and Tom stopped being separate entities and became one. They moved in unison to lose the clothes that were keeping them apart. Helen’s dress was pulled high over her head, and, as she struggled to free her arms, Tom attacked the bra, freeing her breasts and burying his head between them.
They were as soft and sexy, as he’d known they would be.

And  I promise you that they aren’t the hottest bits of the book either!  To read all the juicy bits in between pick up Sweet Surrender from Total-E-Bound.


Pommawolf said...

I love the Excerpts of this story. hot. I just added to my personal wishlist...*S*
Thanks for the small parts that read out and grab your attention.

I personally don;t like to have my picture taken for any reason, and those that can actually stand still for it I commend because they are a hell of alot braver than I ever would be.

Victoria Blisse said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpts! I love this story too and hope you really enjoy it when you read it all. Drop me a note to tell me what you thought of it when you read it. :)