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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Kiki Howell

Outside of Writing, Do I have A Life?

Sort of, when I can find the time. First and foremost comes my family.  Taking care of my home, my husband and my sons is very important to me. Although don’t ask them about all the times I have offered them cereal for dinner because I was writing or about how dirty the house sometimes gets. Although, I have two boys in middle school and two dogs, so a messy house is a given no matter how much time I invest into it. Just saying.

But, outside of the things that occupy most of my time, my family and my writing, what else do I love to do other than sleep? What would I do more of if I could only figure out how to forgo sleep altogether? Well, I would bake more. Maybe that wouldn’t be a good thing because I have more success baking a multi-layer chocolate cake filled with espresso mousse and covered with an espresso ganache than I do cooking a meat and potatoes meal. It has been years since I have made that cake though. The recipe I noticed the other day is yellowing. :-)

I would also knit more. I do a little knitting now just as therapy. The clicking of the needles, a different creative outlet, soothes me. My favorite item of clothing is sweaters, and I would love to actually finish one for myself someday! Right now I am lucky to have made the scarves and shawls, wine cozies and bookmarks I have as gifts.

I would also draw. I have been sketching since I was a kid. Again, this comes back to the soothing sound of a pencil scratching along paper, and having that different creative outlet. Currently, only every few months does the need get strong enough to make me whip out the sketch pad.

Then there are the other things I bet we all wish we had time for, more time with family playing games, more time with friends having coffee or lunch, more time to read, more time to watch movies…

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