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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: L,K. Below

Arranged Marriages
by L. K. Below

Arranged marriages aren’t the norm anymore. These days, everyone holds out for love. But that wasn’t always the case. Roll back the clock a couple years and arranged marriages were much more likely to be practiced.

Those women and men of the past were practical, disillusioned people, like my heroine Natalia. She knows that, as the daughter of a king, she has to marry the man appointed to her. In this case, that is Prince Bennett. She’s long since resigned herself to that fate, even if she’s never met or spoken to him. The union has been set in stone for so long, it’s a matter of duty for her now. But what is she supposed to do when her new stepsister steals her identity and prances off to marry Bennett in her place? Duty tells Natalia to follow and make amends for this deceit -- preferably before the poor man finds himself chained to an impostor. But along the way, she finds so much more than duty.

Romance is all about finding love in the most unlikely places. When anyone enters into an arranged marriage, I hardly think they do so with the idea that they will one day fall in love. Even the notion is laughable. Arranged marriages, as I mentioned, are practical. Sensible. They are entered into to be beneficial to the families involved, and to provide some measure of security for both parties. But love? I bet if you traveled back to when this was more common, the bride and groom would scoff at the very idea.

That, perhaps, is precisely the reason I feel so compelled to write about marriages of convenience. Love in unlikely places means that love will most certainly strike here. In the case of Bennett and Natalia, he does not even know that it is his true bride he is falling in love with. But sometimes fate has a way of aligning everything to be just perfect, to allow that one moment of falling in love.

Or maybe, at first, in lust. That would be a lucky break for two people destined to be married. If the heroine or hero can’t have love, why not give them the next best thing? But that’s only the beginning. Attraction, in my way of thinking, provides a seed for love to grow. When the couple feels so strongly for each other -- even if that emotion has more to do with their hormones than their hearts -- they start to grow attached. Attachment leads to love. In my mind, everyone deserves to find love -- especially those put in situations where they might not normally. Since Natalia was determined not to let her stepsister marry her man, it was only fair for me to give her a “happily-ever-after.” With a bit of spice thrown in.

What about you? Setting aside any current relationship you’re in, would you ever consider entering into an arranged marriage? I have to admit, the mystery of the arrangement does hold some appeal, even if I would hope to find the same love Natalia and Bennett do in Unveiling His Princess.

L. K. Below writes romance and speculative fiction. Under her full name, Lindsay Below, she pens young adult novels. Her newest romance release, Unveiling His Princess, is now available from Liquid Silver Books. Visit her online at or on her blog at


Emily Cale said...

I certainly wouldn't consider an arranged marriage. However, I would argue with you that people entering into arranged marriages today ( I work in an area where this is still the norm), do expect to find love in that marriage. Though many more are moving toward "love marriages", those who are still practicing traditional courtship believe that they will fall in love with the person they are matched to. Fortunately, it often works out that way.

L. K. Below said...

That certainly would be a good thing, if they did fall in love with the person matched to them. I, of course, wish them the best of success.

I have to admit, the areas I've been from have been focused on love marriages only. I'm now in Iqaluit, where if you have a steady job you're considered eligible. It's sort of interesting, though I do laugh at my boyfriend. He got offered a marriage proposal while in line at the grocery store! Thankfully, he said no.

booklover0226 said...

The only way I would EVER consider an arranged marriage is for the sake of my family. If my parents needed were in financial straits or needed a life saving medical treatment/procedure, then, yes, I would enter an arranged marriage.

Tracey D

L. K. Below said...

That would be very brave of you to do, Tracy. Let's hope that circumstance never befalls you. Though I'm sure I would do the same thing too, come to think of it.