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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Kate HIll

Why Do I Want to Write. . .

1. In the shower. Without fail, as soon as I step under the water and have no access to a computer or even a pen and paper, I figure out how to solve a plot problem or my characters have a conversation in my head that I can't immediately transcribe.

2. While I'm driving. I cannot take my eyes off the road or my hands off the wheel, so I can only hope that the new story idea that has suddenly popped into my head won't fade away before I reach my destination. When I do, the pen in my purse better not run out of ink.

3. When I'm at my second job. If I didn't iron out that pesky plot problem in the shower that morning, the solution is bound to strike me when I'm at the second job. I certainly can't pull out a pen and pencil to work on a hot-and-heavy love scene there. Fortunately the rule goes both ways and when I'm working on a book the other job doesn't enter my mind.

4. In bed. The lights are out and I'm completely relaxed and comfortable, about to drift off when an idea for a new story hits me. Maybe I'm obsessive compulsive, but I promised myself the day--or night--I stop getting out of bed to write down new ideas is the day I stop writing altogether.

Whether you're a writer, artist, musician, craftsperson or have another passion, what are some of the most inconvenient times inspiration has struck?


Cathy M said...

The year I was planning my parent's wedding anniversary party, my big brainstorm of ideas happened while I was sitting in church. I sat up like I was stung by a bee and went scrambling for pen and paper, totally forgetting where I was, lol. A tad bit embarassing, but luckily I remembered it all long enough to get through the service and run to my car.

booklover0226 said...

I'm usually hit with an inspirattion when I'm driving. I can't pull out pen and paper to write it down, so I try to keep repeating it until I get to a stop light or my destination!

Tracey D

Kate Hill said...

LOL, Cathy!! That is an inconvenient time to get a bunch of ideas! Tracey it's the same for me. Drives me crazy. :-)