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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: L.K. Below

Behind Closed Doors 
by L. K. Below

I am fascinated by fairy tales, but when I read them, my mind starts to tick. Fairy tales offer a vivid, heroic challenge in which the hero or heroine fights for their desired partner. But where fairy tales end with their “happily ever after,” that’s where my imagination kicks in.

Sex can be a very big factor when falling in love. In fact, most of my heroes and heroines fall in lust, and then have to untangle their emotions afterwards. Because lust is such a potent emotion, it often hides the blossoming love beneath until one day, the realization wallops my characters in the stomach. They are in love, no question. But when in their sensual journey did it happen?

Perhaps that’s why tying the two -- the magic and adventure of fairy tales in with the raw potency of lust -- makes for such a good tale. After the challenge is over -- or maybe even during -- the heroes and heroines of fairy tales are just as fallible as any other people. How are they to resist each other?

While fairy tales build excitement, tension, and longing, erotic fairy tales bring those elements onto a whole other playing field. Everything is more potent when the main character’s head is spinning from their carnal urges. When the hero or heroine can’t keep their hands off their love interest, thinking about the quest becomes secondary, causing yet another complication. Certainly, the couple doesn’t need another hurdle in their path, but what is worth keeping that isn’t earned? In every erotic fairytale I’ve come across, by the time the hero and heroine finally fall into each others' arms for their happily ever after, they’ve solidified their feelings for each other -- physical and emotional. They’ve earned their respite, and the chance to indulge themselves.

So too in my erotic fairy tale romance, Unveiling His Princess. In this book, Natalia’s identity is stolen by her stepsister Antonia, and she’s forced to smuggle herself into the prince’s palace as a scullery maid. While he doesn’t recognize her as she hopes, he does feel an instant attraction to her, one he denies while she’s still wrapped in a peasant’s fur. But the moment she dresses as the princess she is, he becomes enraptured with her -- even if he can’t see her face beneath her veil. Stolen kisses seem to be in Natalia’s favor except for one tiny fact -- Prince Bennett isn’t entirely sure that she and the waspish “Princess Natalia” presented to him aren’t the same person.

Fairy tales provide the magic, the struggle behind the romance -- but behind their closed doors lies a smorgasbord of possibilities. If the hero and the heroine are really meant to be together, they’ll feel a pull toward one another from the very first second they meet. This pull is one they can’t deny -- and can you blame them? When every private moment ignites their passion, who am I to deny them a moment or two together? Even if it does add a complication or three.

L. K. Below writes romance and speculative fiction. Under her full name, Lindsay Below, she pens young adult novels. Her newest romance release, Unveiling His Princess, is now available from Liquid Silver Books. Visit her online at or on her blog at


booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed reading this post; it was interesting.

Unveiling His Princess sounds good and I look forward in reading it.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

L. K. Below said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Tracy.

Have a wonderful day :)