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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Amber Kallyn

Love-Hate Relationships and Goal Setting

In early December and through January, I start thinking about my goals for the year. Not just as New Year’s resolutions, but also because my birthday is in December -- and damn it, each time I get another year older. (If anyone has a way to stop that, email me directly...)

Now that I’m published, my goals changed a bit. I had to add a ton to my list of ‘Things to Accomplish’ this year. Yikes.

I’m also closer to getting my degree. Finally.

The thing about getting a Bachelors in Teaching is, at least in my state, it requires a 9 week stunt as a full-time student teacher. Of course, I don’t get paid, in fact, it costs me a pretty penny.

So, in late fall 2011, I’ll be blocking out 2 months for that.

Uh, oh. Now I’m down to ten months. Eek.

I have contracts for three books (Jan, Mar, May), but two are written, so only one to go.

I have stories to write, some to revise. I need to submit them, do edits, etc.

But this year, I also need to add the whole marketing/promotion angle -- of which I’m not very good at.

The thing is, my goals are kind of like my outlines. I use them as a road map, but they change and evolve as the year goes by. I find them useful for the few times I find myself wondering ‘What do I do now?’

Then there’s the Hate part.

Goals, as well as outlines, can be daunting, intimidating -- glaring at me through the dark with their red-rimmed evil eyes...

There’s so much to still be done.

That idea sucks, what was I thinking?

I can’t possibly do all that...

Then, there comes the time when I panic.

OMG, I’m so far behind.

Eventually, I either make it back on track or revise my goals to be achievable once more.

What’s your relationship like with goals? Do you set goals for the New Year or not?


Cathy M said...

No resolutions for me, but I do set goals for the year.

Achieving your teaching degree will be an amazing accomplishment, Amber. Wishing you all the best.

booklover0226 said...

I try to make changes throughout the year, like putting something away after I'm finished with it.

I live alone, my place should not be a mess...but it is!

I agree with CathyM, good luck with your teaching degree.

Tracey D

Amber Kallyn said...

Thanks Cathy :)

It will be great to finally have a degree.

I like goals better than resolutions. For some reason, if I label something a resolution, I don't make it.

But small goals leading up to a big one, oh yeah. Those usually get accomplished :)

~ Amber

Amber Kallyn said...

Tracey, thanks :)

My problem is living with 5 kids, one of which is my hubby. For some reason, they think a fairy is going to come by and pick up after them.

I've gotten to the point where I don't do it anymore, trying to teach them to start. You can imagine how messy my house usually is now :)

One day, they'll learn. Maybe. I hope. Pretty please... :)