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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: L.K. Below

The Mystery of History 
by L. K. Below

For those who know me, I’m a complete history buff. For those who don’t -- hi, I’m L. K. Below, and I’m a complete history buff. It can’t be said enough.

I love the past. When people ask for my favorite time period, I can’t choose only one. I think every time, every place, has its own mystique. That’s probably why I adore researching so much. Yes, for me, it isn’t a chore at all, but a chance to learn more. I collect old books, pieces of the past for me to hold onto, read, and wonder exactly what it was like.

But I can extrapolate. Or even better, in the case of my new release, Unveiling His Princess, I can use my knowledge to create. This book is set in a mythical past, you see, one in which fairy tales were real. While I didn’t get to have as much fun researching for this as I would for a standard historical, it did give me a chance to combine my knowledge into a unique but unnamed setting similar to the dark ages.

I created a world when arranged marriages were commonplace, when servants were flogged at the whim of haughty princesses, and when a minute of time spent alone with a man could compromise a woman. In this magical past, I set Unveiling His Princess. Yes, Natalia certainly enters into some trouble when she’s forced to masquerade as a scullery maid in order to sneak into Prince Bennett’s palace. Why? Because her stepsister Antonia has stolen her identity and intends to marry Bennett in her place. Antonia is just dispassionate enough to do anything within her considerable power to gain her objective, too. As a princess, she is the clear victor over Natalia, the maid.

But at night, the tables are turned. Even though she is veiled, Natalia attracts Bennett in a way no other woman has. Even with Antonia’s cold beauty, he finds himself, night after night, in the arms of a mysterious woman he knows nothing about. But the very moment his veiled beauty leaves, the magic begins to fade, and the “Princess Natalia” he is introduced to tries to convince him that she was that woman all along. Could they possibly be the same person? In his heart, Bennett hopes it is not so, for he would even risk war with the neighboring kingdom if only he could have his other Natalia.

For me, this combines the very best parts of the past. To me, the past represents a mysterious shroud just as much as the veil separating him from knowing Natalia’s identity. The past, like my book, is magical to me. Even with the confines of knowing what I do about a given period, it is a place where anything can happen -- or if not anything, the possibilities are a good deal far-fetched when compared to the world I know.

Are you as enamored with the past as I am? Do you have a favorite time period that you like to read about? If so, what do you love about it the most? My mind is always ticking with ideas, so I would love your input on where you would like to see a book set. I might just write one. :)

L. K. Below writes romance and speculative fiction. Under her full name, Lindsay Below, she pens young adult novels. Her newest romance release, Unveiling His Princess, is now available from Liquid Silver Books. Visit her online at or on her blog at


booklover0226 said...

I like to read about ancient Egypt during the pharoahs ruled and the pyramids were built.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

L. K. Below said...

Egypt is a fascinating time, I agree. To me, at least, it seems so exotic.

Thanks for stopping by!