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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Amber Kallyn

Adventures in World Building

In addition to research, another area I do a lot of work with is world building. Paranormal and fantasy worlds, even if they take place in the present day, require a ton of thought and structure.

In my Dragos Series, my dragons are based on different mythos from around the world, with a bit of imagination thrown in. Most can shift with their clothes on. Breathing fire, for women, is a product of the Dragon Burn, once they find their destined mate. The dragons are different colors. They can heal fast, like other shapeshifters, but it takes a lot of energy. I wanted other magical creatures in my stories, so I devised a way different types could mate. Most children take on the powers of their mother, and some have no powers at all.

In my paranormal Tiger Shifters series, I created an island off Denmark for my matriarchal tiger clan to live. Scotland is populated by werewolves, and the Norse are were-bears. I tried to keep consistent with technology of the time, but I changed a lot of other things. That’s the fun part of writing fiction, not just fantasy.

Sitting down to start writing about a new world is exhilarating. There are endless possibilities. Then the characters and events take over -- and the world develops like baking a cake.

All the ingredients come together to make something complete and whole.

Readers -- How important is the world building to you? Do you want to see the world clearly, or have you read stories you loved with just a little world and a lot of the characters and events?
Writers -- How do you like to world build?


booklover0226 said...

I'm in the middle of the road about the description. I like enough detail so I can imagine the characters actions and interactions.

I don't want too much detail to know what the wall feels like.

BUT - sometimes, I do find that much detail works for the story...

Tracey D

Cathy M said...

I'm with Tracey. I want the flavor of the world without pages of descriptions and customs.

I read a lot of series, and I get that the first book will have more attention to the world building, but then I prefer consequtive stories to focus more on the characters and their storylines.