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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Kate Hill

Why Does the Hero Fall For the Heroine?

In romance novels it's often easy to understand why the heroine falls for the hero. Usually he's physically appealing, successful, powerful and focuses his full attention on her.

What is it about the heroine that makes him lose his heart to her? Even the most arrogant, free-spirited hero is happily bound to the heroine by the end of the book.

Heroines generally accept the hero for who he is. She knows he's a danger-loving, emotionally scarred workaholic and she's willing to not only ignore his faults but love him because of them.

While others shun the rogue or bow to the alpha warrior , the heroine reaches out to him. She isn't intimidated by him, or at least her apprehension doesn't discourage her from approaching him. This might annoy him at first, but deep inside he's impressed by her courage and touched because someone is allowing him to be vulnerable. Usually the hero isn't allowed that luxury.

The heroine might be similar to the hero. Perhaps she's a warrior, too, or maybe she has supernatural powers that challenge his. Or she might be his opposite, a businesslike mortal woman who has her heart set on an outcast werewolf. The one common link in romance heroines is their loyalty and acceptance of a man who, whether he knows it or not, is searching for unconditional love.

Why do you think the hero falls in love with heroine? What is it that sets her apart from others and allows her to capture his heart?


Joann said...

Hi Kate, nice post. I think the hero falls for the heroine because, eventually, she accepts him inspite of who or what he is. When he sees himself through her eyes, ultimately the eyes of love, he realizes--he's not so bad after all! *grin*

booklover0226 said...

I think a hero falls for a heroine when he sees how brave she is. She's will to go all the way for those she loves and protects.

I've enjoyed your posts this week.

Tracey D

Cathy M said...

I think her strength of character is a big draw, plus there is a lot to be said for plain old sexual chemistry.

Terra Pennington said...

Hey Kate great posting and question. I have offen wonder what draws the hero and heroine together and why the hero pick just that woman. All I can say it is something in the heart

Love your books by the way.


Kate Hill said...


Joann, I think so too. She can help him see a part of himself he didn't realize existed.

Courage is a great quality, too, Tracey. I'm sure that's a big part of the attraction.

Cathy, the chemistry is definitely important!

Thank you, Terra! I know what you mean. There is a deep connection between them, no matter what others might say or think about them.

Thank you all for the posts!