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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

 It’s just … you

Writing is hard work. It’s grueling, mentally exhausting, sometimes stressful, anxiety ridden and SOLITARY! Well, unless you’re a NYT best selling author with an agent, publicist, editor and an assistant or two LOL. Even then, it’s still just you sitting at that keyboard creating and weaving stories. 

It’s all on you to come up with the next idea and execute it the way you see it in your mind. No-one else can do that part for you. It’s all on you to draw your inspiration from somewhere and wield enough discipline to keep going all in the face of increasing competition and possible rejection. 

Oh, and of course, none of us just write with nothing else to occupy our time. There’s family, other jobs, LIFE, which sometimes just gets in the way! In addition to being THE ‘creative director’, an author also has to worry about sales and marketing, branding and advertising, business planning and strategy, epiracy, going to conferences to continue to improve on the craft of writing and to network, and…probably a hundred other things. 

I have to say for me…I love that part about being an author. Yep, I like to be in charge. I’ve been the boss before and I really, really like it. It’s gratifying to know that it is just you. You’re the one in control of your own writing destiny, you’re the one steering your career, you’re the one who gets to make all the decisions. It’s kind of like being the CEO of your own little (perhaps VERY small :-)) little empire and it requires you to learn and utilize a wide range of different skills. I LOVE being an author!


cheryl c said...

How wonderful that you have found a profession that you enjoy so much that it makes all the extra work worthwhile.
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Kaily Hart said...

Cheryl, I really enjoyed my prior career. It was challenging and interesting and at times, fun. Writing though is different. It feeds the soul somehow and I LOVE it. Couldn't say that before :)