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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Lori Toland

World-building starts at home…

My books are full of the things I love. Hot men who fall in love with each other, sweet romance I can wrap myself up in like my favorite blanket and cats. I adore the little fuzz balls so in every series or story I try to write cats in at some point. But let’s get back to the hot men. As in my books, it always comes back to hot men. 

In every world, even in contemporary romances set here on Earth, I write like I’m in the room with my characters, either in first person with every emotion and sight like I feel them myself or in third person, like I’m a fly on the wall. I feel it’s good to leave some things up to the reader’s imagination, like the color of the walls or the softness of a bedspread, so I can concentrate on the characters emotions and feelings. 

The Replacement Guitarist was Blaze’s story, how he fell in love with Jason Stockton, even though Jason is a mystery to him. But I started Home For The Holidays knowing that while the two men were in love, they had really just started their relationship. It was different than a lot of relationships, but then they don’t have a normal life, with Blaze touring and Jason flying around the country to his artists on tour. 

Lovers reunited, a first date after months of loving each other give Jason and Blaze an unusual relationship, but their relationship has an extra spark every time they get together, desperate to enjoy every second they have together.


Maureen said...

I do enjoy stories that focus on a relationship.
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cheryl c said...

I don't like being distracted from the story of the main characters.
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