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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Author Interview: Marteeka Karland

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Marteeka Karland, whose newest book Feels Like Home will be released soon from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

I asked her to tell us about it.

Wild Creek, Texas is home to one Abigail Dupree. This feisty librarian can take on anyone, anywhere, anytime, but Jayce has her completely tied in knots. He always has. Fortunately for Abigail, she's got him just as bumfuzzled.

The one woman Jayce could never get out of his head has always seemed unattainable. Not because he couldn't get her, but because he was seriously afraid her mother would take his manhood if he tried.

What happens when Jayce gets the blessing of Mama Dupree -- and the perfect setting to act out his desires?
For Marteeka, the difference between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography is the romantic element. An attraction factor is present for both erotic romance and erotica, while with porn, Marteeka said, "You need tits, ass, a big dick, but little else The difference between erotica and erotic romance can be a little harder. For me, erotic romance must have a happily-ever-after-ending. Erotica… um… not so much. The attraction is there, the emotional connection is there, (more than tits, ass, and a big dick) but the couple (or more) doesn't have to be committed to each other."

Writers who write some excellent erotic fiction, in Marteeka's opinion, include Angela Knight, Shelby Morgen, Morgan Hawk, and Jet Mykles.

"J and J (from Beautiful Trouble Publishing) are the awesomesauce!" she said, "and Shara Azod has some REALLY hunky guys!"

When it comes to her favorite, though, she admitted it was hard to say. "Probably Angela Knight. My favorite book is Captive Dreams by Angela and Diane Whiteside. Though, there are many many I dearly love."

Marteeka told me she knows, in her own writing, that the story is good if it makes her hot. "If not," she said, "then I need to try again."

"How do you do your research for your books?" I asked.

"Depends. I use a lot of TV, Wikipedia, library… you name it. I’ve even been known to call people I don’t know and ask questions they prefer not to answer on the grounds they might incriminate themselves." But, when it come to research books she would recommend, she said, "Not sure there is a book. I recommend reading for pleasure. I find you learn better that way. Publishing websites I’d go to would be Beautiful Trouble Publishing, Changeling Press, Loose ID. All of these publishers have very heavy romantic elements to their books and still use erotic language."

The main advice she would give authors who want to write erotica is to actually start a book and finish it.

"Erotica is written like you actually talk," she explained. "There are no flowery words or manly staffs and woman's buds. And, yes, it's actually easier to type 'cock' and 'clit' than it is to say it."

As far as a boundary between porn and erotic romance she wouldn't cross, her answer was no.

"If done properly, even the most bizarre sexual acts can be sexy. You just have to do it with passion, cunning, and originality. Are there things I don’t particularly enjoy? Yes. And I don’t write about them. Are there things I've written that my publisher took exception to? Absolutely. Though that happens less and less these days. Either I'm getting more tame, or my publisher(s) is just losing her (their) mind(s). Maybe a little of both?"

When she first started writing, Marteeka had no idea there was such a thing as erotica/erotic romance.

"Once I found erotic romance, (a story about earth women traveling through space in paper panties) I absolutely had to try my hand at writing it. Once I did, erotic romance was all I ever wanted to write."

"Have you ever written 'straight' romance?"

She shrugged. "Tried. Got bored. I think I have about 30 thousand words written if you want it. It sucks, but it's there."

As far as her family goes: "It pays the bills, so hubby loves it. My parents avoid wanting to know too much about it. And no. They don’t read it. OKOKOK, so my husband used to read it until he found a book where my hero drove a 'piece of shit Ford' and he took exception. Never mind he was a werewolf and screwed the heroine in his wolf form. Oh no. That didn't bother him."

As far as piercings go, Marteeka admitted that she doesn't find them sexy and whenever she sees any, she has an almost uncontrollable urge to yank hard. "True," she said, "nipple piercing is cool to look at, but the older I get, the less I like it."

She find chocolate or peanut butter best for eating off another person. And, as far as most embarrassing moments?

"When I didn't get the chocolate licked off of my husband's…."

She declined to finish, but did admit that her favorite foods include chocolate and peanut butter.

"Have you ever known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue?" I wondered.

"I have," she said, waggling her eyebrows. "I married him."

You can keep up with Marteeka on her website,

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