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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Malalia Levey

Getting The Call
Writing wasn’t ever a planned goal for me. I found a loop on Yahoo where individuals either co-wrote together or wrote alone. After a few weeks of lurking, I decided to try my hand at creating storylines. I attempted fan fic and found that my characters refused to be penned after someone else’s work. So I sat down and began researching and plotting my own stories.

Eventually I wrote with a few other writers. It wasn’t until someone contacted me and asked me why I was giving plots away for free, and was asked to challenge myself to attempt writing for a publisher.

At first I laughed. I had no intentions of turning my hobby into a career. However, I thrive on challenges. I did what she asked, penned a story and sent it in for submission. That led me to my first of six publishers. It’s been a little over a year for me and my growth has exceeded where I thought I’d be. 

I’ve found three different genres to write in and am fairly comfortable with being a multi genre author. I found Beautiful Trouble Publishing by joining their Yahoo loop and meeting the authors and readers there. I hadn’t written much interracial or BW/BM stories and thought it’d be a great challenge to work with them and create a series of shorts I wanted to do. I also wanted to be part of an advancing business that’s black owned and has the black female readers' interests at heart. I plan on expanding there from short stories to novellas and novels that bring out what it means to me to belong to two diverse heritages by bringing vivid characters and real life issues.

Show Me Your Gun and Flaws and All were great to write and are just the beginning of what I have in mind. I find I like linking secondary characters and giving them a story too.  I may not have had the call but I have the hunger to grow and explore just how far my imagination will take me. Join me for the ride…I’m anything but…boring!

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