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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Janet Eckford

Mental Orgasm…

I heart sexual innuendos in places that you don’t expect it. I’m like a beacon for discovering when someone has strategically placed a phrase or image about sex when it would be inappropriate to acknowledge it. It’s like a treasure hunt or finishing a maze. My friends have basically stopped paying attention to me when I say “Oh my can you believe they did that” in a movie or song. 

            I think that’s what drew me to erotic romance to begin with. Granted some people leap right over sexual innuendo and get into the rump shaking (okay that was a cheesy one but you get my point). But there are some that drag it out so nicely that you are panting and can’t even figure out why. It’s as if they have spoken to the part of the brain that processes sexual desire and pleasure and your body hasn’t quite caught up with what is happening. Think of it as a mental orgasm. 

            Poetry has always been able to provide a mental orgasm when I needed one. My email signature is a line from a poem by e.e. cummings “I like my body when it is with your body”. Every time I read this poem I have a mental orgasm. The way the words roll off the tongue when you speak them aloud and the cadence of the phrasing is like a hum against my skin. I find myself reaching for that place where thought becomes reality and a kaleidoscope of colors washes over me. Whew…mental orgasm.

            I’m always interested in what other people find to be a mental orgasm…do share.

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