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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Cherie De Sues

Spells to Keep a Ghost or Send Them Away

Thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, people considered ghosts the spirits or souls of the living who could cause harm to the living if sacrifices were not made to appease the ghosts. Over 2,500 years in ancient Egypt, Egyptians believed in the existence of an afterlife and even the possibility of a second death. Most cultures have a belief in ghosts or the soul/spirit of a deceased person.

The descriptions of the ghosts range from an invisible presence, translucent, shapes that change form like smoke to life-like versions of the dead. When a witch, gypsy or other pagan like a medicine man attempt to summon the dead spirits, that is known as necromancy. The ritual may be called a seance, a spell or many other names, but the desire is the same...raise the dead to make contact.

For centuries, witches, wizards, gypsies and others have been paid to communicate with the dead. Ghosts are known to haunt certain locations, ordinary objects and people they knew in life. On a grander scale, there have been reports across the globe of phantom ships at sea, ghostly trains that rumbled by on broken tracks and ghost animals.

Some places or homes that have experienced a great violence, tragedy, murder or suicides have been called haunted. Supernatural activity by ghosts or spirits who become lost or confused after death may fail to pass to the other side. Often someone asks an experienced medium to cleanse the home or place of a ghostly presence.

If you want to live with the spirits in your home, honor them with incense, candles and say this chant three times.

    Spirits of my home, you shall live,
    In every chamber my light I give,
    To every corner my breath I send,
    This home I share, you may attend.

To rid yourself of a haunting presence use this method.

    The presence that stands upon the stairs
    The unseen hands that move the chairs.
    The lights that play across the wall,
    The stains that stay, the plates that fall,
    The mist, the chill, the wandering scents
    This gentle spell must speed them hence.
    At midnight, set a table neat,
    With cup and plate, and wine and meat,
    Invite the ghost to sit and feast,
    As any host should urge a guest.
    Presently, clear the meal away,
    Then open the door and softly say-
    "Quick or dead, thou art fed,
    Cease to grieve and take thy leave"
    Bid him depart but should he remain
    Be calm, take heart and feast him again.

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