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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Janet Eckford

Book vs. Movie

            My cohorts and I are planning to see the Stephanie Plum movie when it comes out. I was explaining the concept to a friend that hadn’t read the book and she was like, “That sounds pretty far fetched” and I was like “No you don’t understand; the books are great”. Not long after that I happened to see a trailer for an upcoming Romantic Comedy where a man and a woman are given custody of their friend's child after the friend dies. After it was over I thought “Stupid concept” and proceeded to read a book about a pastry chef that has to help discover artifacts tied to the seven deadly sins before the villain gets them and causes chaos on earth. Oh and the hero is super hot!!! 

            Makes no sense right? What is it about reading something that is basically not plausible and loving it but when it is made into a movie you go “Yeah right”? I don’t know either but I’m so ready to read the fantasy about the housekeeper/assistant/lawyer/nanny that meets and falls in love with the billionaire/cowboy/firemen/FBI agent but if you put it on the big screen I balk (unless I read the book first and than I complain about how it doesn’t match the book). 

            I’m sure I’m not the only person that has done this because look at how books with a basically ridiculous premise (it hurts my heart to admit it but, come on, let's be honest) sell millions and the movie that could have the same storyline tanks. I really don’t have the answer to this but find it interesting nonetheless.

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