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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Charisma Knight

Writing in Different Genres

 How many authors have considered, or are, writing in genres outside the erotic romance industry? If so, what prompted you to do this? Last year, I joined Suspense Magazine’s Yahoo Group because I wanted to enter the writing contest. Well, I introduced myself and did not hide the fact that I wrote erotic romance. Well, needless to say, I’ve been very busy with other projects, and haven’t had the opportunity to enter the contest. Maybe I’ll enter the next one.

I must confess, even before I started writing erotic romance, I had some ideas for YA and children stories. I’m curious to know though, if you as an author were to pursue these genres, would you proudly use your erotic romance pieces to prove your writing experience to the publisher, or would you keep things hush-hush? I know not everyone is a fan of the erotica and erotic romance genres. I mean, if you were writing successful YA and children stories, but parents later caught wind that you are, or used to be an erotic romance author, would they become furious and prohibit their children from reading these works from authors?

I would love author and reader input on this. I, for one do have an interest in writing for children and young adults. Why? Well, because, my daughters, nieces, and nephews have asked why can’t they read my books? LOL Plus, I have some excellent story ideas for these genres, so why shouldn’t I?


Serenity King said...

Hey there, Charisma!

Great blog. I know a few erotice writers that write YA stories under a different name. As a reader and a writer I would not have a problem with an erotic writer writing a YA story for my children. Talent is talent and if you can write YA. Hey, go for it.


Charisma Knight said...

Hey Se!

Thank you so much. These are things that popped in my mind, you know, and sometimes you just wonder what some folks would think.

When I wrote Spiritwalker, I was so involved in Vivian's childhood character, that the flashback of the story went in a totally different direction. Its so easy to fall into the children & YA books because, I simply draw on the imaginative creations I came up with back then. LOL

Leni said...

As a reader, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Many authors write multiply genres and use various names to do it. I'm sure some people would have a problem with it, but you can't please everyone.

Stacy-Deanne said...

I've never written erotica but I'd try it. The thing I want to try more than anything is to write a historical romance. I LOVE historical romances but I am intimidated by them. It would be a real challenge and I'm not one to back down from a challenge but I've heard how it takes so long to research, etc. I have a friend who writes some of my favorite historicals so maybe I'll ask her for tips. LOL!

Even though my primary genres are mysteries and crime, I usually write what comes to me. I've written romantic comedies (one coming out 2012 supposedly). I write regular dramas, family dramas, etc. I write whatever I feel like writing at the time. I just don't write things that don't interest me. Some genres I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole because I just don't like them, LOL!

I think the author has to go with that feeling inside and write what their heart is telling them. I mainly write crime and mysteries and I love this genre so much I can write it forever. Sometimes I'll start a story and it'll turn out to be a mystery, LOL! That's just how my mind works.

But part of being a writer is taking a journey and doing new things if you want.

Best Wishes!

Stacy-Deanne: Crime/Mystery & IR Novelist