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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Mahalia Levey

How To Promote Your Work Effectively

Many people think that writing the manuscript is the hardest part of the journey, or that it ends upon final editing and production. They are dead wrong. In fact, the hardest part of being an author is selling to the different mediums available.  When it comes down to it, your “Baby” is your pride, blood, sweat and tears; who better to advocate its merit than yourself? 

This is where time management comes in. Most authors are doing edits on other works, or working on new books, in various degrees of being finished. In between deadlines and researching the next work, time has to be made to promote what’s yours.  So…your book is ready, about to hit the sites, and you’re just now beginning to promote. STOP.

When your book is in final stages, promoting is important. Sites that allow excerpts and book covers are always looking for what’s coming soon. Go ahead and give a heads up to alert the readers, so that they too can budget the next book they want to buy. 


Blog Talk Radio- Quite a few authors and other professionals in this industry have blog talk sites.  Inquire around to find who is looking for guests and the genres they’d like to interview.

Video Trailers – There are artists and mediums that create video trailers for authors. If your pub house doesn’t have one in house or on contract ask around to find out who makes them and the fees they charge. The range is from fifty dollars to one-hundred-twenty-five dollars. There are also links that teach how to do one on your own-broken down in simple step by step instruction.

Hold a blog once a month let everyone know what’s going on in the corner of your world.

WebSites- Depending on your budget, websites are a great way to showcase your work and show what’s coming up soon. There are web designers who build from scratch, or sites that are easy to set up and free.

Yahoo Loops
Trinity and her co-hosts have daily lists on what loops are accepting promo and on what days during the week. Although they have the lists, it’s a good idea to read the rules before posting.

If you find it’s too much for you or you simply can’t find the time- hire out to promo sites.
There are many promo sites out there here’s a few:

Promote Yourself On

Yahoo Loops

Review Sites – Google your genre. My list is too long to include.

Your Personal Blog

Peer Blogs

Review Site Interviews

Yahoo Loop Interviews

Yahoo Loops looking for Book Covers to paste on their home pages


Interacting with readers and authors during Blog Tours

Paste Your Third Party Distributor Sites




Vista Print  - When I have spare change I take advantage of their ‘free items’ and pay only for shipping and handling. I try to order 500 business cards at a time. Then I pick a generic postcard from them and use it. Instead of paying for the back to be inscribed with blurbs or book covers on post cards. I use the ‘free’ stamp and have my website inscribed on it and stamp it instead :-)

I’ve taken cards to urban clothing stores, coffee houses, night clubs, the library, laundromats, etc.
Find out in your area where you can leave your promo material. I do it once a month while I’m out doing errands.


Hold a contest every other month or whenever you have a release going out. Keep in mind--- you have to keep track of e-books won. Ask your pub to inscribe the winners name and email addy on the pdf for tracking purposes. 

Have small gift baskets of things found cheaply in your area as special contests. Chocolate is always good!

Example- I’m from Kansas. The Wizard of Oz is big here, and there are tons of tourist things for it so it’s a fun theme once in a while.

Chocolate is always good too.

Ask your fellow authors to mail you promo cards and business cards so that you can promote them too.
Send promo items to review sites.

Personal Newsletter

Search Google for free banners and graphics or purchase one!
Use your word program to create a newsletter and save it as a pdf file.

Email me and I’ll walk you through it

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