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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Janet Eckford

Doing the nasty…
            The other day at my day job one of the students I work with said, “Miss, they were totally doing the nasty.” I’ve often wondered why people describe something that is so not “dirty” or “nasty” (okay, maybe some times but go with me on this) as such. I’ve decided that I’m going to remove referring to sex in such derogatory terms from my vocabulary. This is a stance I happen to take quite seriously and work to educate everyone I come across.

            Why the other day I was at happy hour with my partner in crime and helped to enlighten a gentleman about his particular phrasing of sexual acts. I personally found it quite rewarding and hoped that the next time he said to a woman, “I would love to do dirty things to you” he wouldn’t be boggled by outdated Puritan constraints of expressing sexuality. Once I got partner in crime to stop hyperventilating from laughter she was able to enjoy the free drink the bartender gave us after my thought provoking comment. 

            All I said was, “If you really want to get into a woman’s panties do you really want to allude to a sexual encounter with you ending in the woman contracting a venereal disease?” I still think it was a valid question and was stressing that he should really think about how language can be interpreted. When I told the sig other about this conversation he just said, “Why the hell are you talking with some guy about his penis?” Sigh…one day everyone will see my vision but until than I’m just changing opinions one person at a time.

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