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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sundae in Seattle by Lara Zielinsky

Jan looked out at the sun rising over the mountains east of Seattle, Washington. Running her hands through her blonde hair, she looked over to the bed to see Kelly’s auburn head just visible above the covers. Clearly Kelly was still upset, since she continued to fretfully toss under the covers. Jan’s lover had fretted with nervous energy all yesterday since they arrived to attend her son’s art showing this afternoon. Even after they talked around 2 a.m., Kelly continued to have a rough night tossing and turning.

She had to do something to distract Kelly, free her mind and give her decent rest. Jan placed a call to room service, keeping her voice low so her lover wouldn’t overhear. She met the delivery at the door and took the tray to the bedside table.

“Kelly...” She eased back the covers, crawled onto the bed, and slid herself alongside Kelly’s deliciously nude form.

She kissed Kelly’s temple. Kelly turned and stretched in her arms. Jan tried to wake her with a kiss. Just as their lips met, Kelly pulled back, put her hand over her mouth, and mumbled, “Excuse me.”

Jan laughed. “I don’t mind morning breath, Kell, I love you.” She brushed her fingers through Kelly’s auburn locks and kissed her temple. She eased back though since Kelly insisted on getting up.

Kelly noticed the tray as she was belting on her robe. “What’s that?”

“It’s not breakfast, just a treat I thought I’d get for us.”

While Kelly rinsed her mouth and brushed her teeth, Jan saw the tension in her shoulders and the deep curve to her back from the tension in her legs. Jan hoped what she had planned would loosen up Kelly a bit.

Emerging from the bathroom, Kelly asked, “Do you want to sit on the balcony and eat?”

“No.” Jan shook her head. “On the bed.” Kelly shivered at the command tone Jan injected into her words. Ooh, this could be fun.

She uncovered the small platter, revealing a small bowl of whipped cream, a tiny decanter of chocolate syrup and a bowl of maraschino cherries. Kelly settled back, arranging the pillows for them to sit against.

“No. Lay down.” Taking command again jolted Jan right to her groin.

“Aren’t we going to eat?” Kelly asked.

“Oh, I’m going to eat,” Jan said with a lecherous smile. “I’m going to eat you.”

“What about getting ready for the art show?”

“We have hours yet. I promise we won’t miss it. Trust me?” She stripped off her own robe.

Kelly's skin visibly flushed, but she lay down. Jan appreciated the warm love in Kelly’s gaze as it flowed over Jan’s figure. “I do,” Kelly said, cupping her hands over Jan’s shoulders.

With a finger Jan swiped whipped cream from the bowl. Slowly she smeared it down the middle of Kelly's chest, following her sternum and swirling in her belly button. Kelly squirmed, but made no sound. Jan lifted an eyebrow, holding Kelly's blue gaze while she placed another stripe of whipped cream from Kelly's navel to just above the patch of hair at the juncture of her thighs. Kelly squirmed again and bit back a moan.

Jan dragged her tongue along the same paths her finger had just completed. The whipped cream further sweetened the taste of her lover's body, and Jan expressed her enjoyment with a low moan. One of Kelly's hands tangled in Jan's hair, but Jan caught sight of the other digging into the pillow under Kelly's head.

She dabbled her tongue in Kelly's navel. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kelly's legs twitch. “Put everything out of your mind for a while, Kell,” she encouraged. “Focus on what I’m doing.”

Kelly groaned. Jan smiled against her stomach before lifting her head away and retrieving the maraschino cherries. She poured two small measures of the thick, shiny red syrup and coated both of Kelly's nipples. Kelly gasped. Jan met her gaze again before slowly lowering her mouth to cover the right tip and sucking it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled to find all the juice.

Arching her back and exposing her throat, Kelly surrendered. “Oh, Jan.”

Jan growled in response to the wanton plea in her lover's voice. Her groin throbbed and she rubbed her crotch against the balled up blanket and sheets to ease the ache a bit. Lifting her mouth away from Kelly's breast, she paused to collect herself as her hunger for Kelly grew, too quickly. She wanted very much to make Kelly explode before she herself came.

Jan reached again for the tray, collecting the chocolate decanter. She painted warm chocolate stripes across Kelly's torso, outlining her ribs, circling the base of her breasts on her chest, and outlining the areolas. The chocolate, unlike the cherries' juice, did not drip. So Jan painted leisurely, licked, and traced again until Kelly was writhing and moaning her pleasure almost constantly.

Licking the last of the chocolate off Kelly's right ribs, Jan lifted her head and reached for the cherries again. “Time for a sundae.” While she spoke she stroked down Kelly's torso, past her hips, right thigh and calf, and finally she massaged over the muscles of her right foot.

Jan crushed a cherry between Kelly's big toe and her second toe, and then did the same between the toes on her left foot. The juices dripped down the sensitive insole and over the bridge of Kelly's foot leaving behind a sweet, pale red trail.

She licked away the juices and took the mashed cherry flesh between her teeth. Jan's groin was throbbing hard again. Eager to see Kelly’s release, Jan employed her entire arsenal of sensations. She chased chocolate and whipped cream trails up the strong calves and thighs. Finally she paused between Kelly's legs and saw the liquid pool soaking the sheets beneath her. Jan overflowed with her power to pleasure this woman and smiled devilishly. “I think I’ve decided on the perfect creamy base for this delight.”

“God, Jan . . . ” Kelly grabbed the pillow behind her head with both hands. Her chest shook and her breath was harsh, shallow and fast. “Please.”

Jan stretched over Kelly, suspending her body so they weren't touching except at the lips as she kissed her. “Oh, I will, love. I will do as I please.”

Moving back down, Jan stacked cherries on the apex of her lover's thighs. She trapped several between the engorged lips of Kelly's sex. Jan made peaks of the whipped cream, poured a small river of chocolate, and finally poured the remains of the cherry syrup on Kelly's own sweet, creamy center.

Her first taste of her handmade confection pulled a guttural moan from Kelly. Jan firmly held both Kelly's legs and dove in to consume her feast with thorough attention.

As she sought out the last cherry pressed between Kelly's labia with her tongue, Jan felt Kelly's legs start shaking. Kelly planted her feet down, bending her knees and pressing against Jan's shoulders. Kelly's moans, groans, and grunts promised an explosive release. Jan only pushed her more relentlessly. Her tongue plundered Kelly's center. Her hands massaged Kelly's ass and lifted her rear from the bed.

Jan felt a strain in her neck from the position, but ignored it as Kelly's thighs closed tightly around her ears. Kelly's hands finally dug into Jan's hair and her admirable self-restraint finally snapped.

“For God..! Oh, oh heaven! G-Uh! Oh Lord!” Kelly's screams were loud enough to be painful even to Jan's covered ears. She chuckled. The warmth of her breath sent Kelly spiraling out on another orgasmic journey. “Fuck me!”

Well, the whole floor certainly knows what we're doing. Jan chuckled as she thrust three fingers deep into her lover's spasming canal to wrest more lust-filled cries.

“Oh, God, Jan! Don't stop. Don't stop!”

Kelly cried out again as she finally, explosively, came. Juices flowed around Jan's fingers and she lapped them up with her tongue. While Kelly's body trembled down from its high, Jan pushed all the empty food containers out of the way. Then she drew herself up against her lover's soft and limp body, wrapping her arms around her. She pulled the sheet up shielding Kelly from the room's chill.

Kelly murmured unintelligibly then kissed the hollow at Jan's throat. Palms spread and fingers splayed on Jan's naked breasts, Kelly mumbled, “You think up the most wonderful distractions.”

“You’re welcome.” Jan kissed her lover in the middle of her forehead. “So, no more worrying about meeting your ex, all right?”

“O.K.,” Kelly murmured, so worn out from the pleasure. Eventually her breathing evened into sleep while Jan cuddled her. This time she slept soundly.

Jan and Kelly debuted in my short story “Feeldoe Fantasy”, part of Toybox: Strap-ons from Torquere Press.

Author bio: Lara Zielinsky is the bisexual author of two novels, and a host of short stories with lesbian and bisexual women characters. She edits for several publishers and hosts the radio program "Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women's Fiction." Learn more at

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