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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skin Tight by Catherine Chernow

His dominating presence made me sneak into the bathroom and slip my hand between my legs to ease the delicious throbbing between my legs.

My dream man was eight years my senior. He was perfect and demanded the same. My numbers had to be crunched without mistake. Otherwise, there’d be consequences. My ass tingled when I thought of his hand on it, inflicting punishment. I’d feel it even more because my clothing would be skin-tight across my butt.


I closed out the month and finished my report. I left work late that night. As I walked towards my car, I heard a familiar, eerie voice.

“Hey, babe.”

I turned around and dropped my car keys from shaking hands. “Greg.”

“Nice car.” His words slurred while he eyed my sporty, paid-for vehicle. “I miss you.”

“What you miss, Greg, is the money for your booze, drugs and women.”

He grabbed me. I screamed, but I doubt anyone heard. The parking garage was deserted.

Then I was ripped from Greg’s arms. When my mind cleared, I saw two men fighting. I raised a shaking hand to my mouth while shock filled me. My dream man threw Greg to the ground. Greg landed on the pavement like a limp rag doll.

“Are you all right?” My dream man’s deep, silky voice filled my head. I managed a nod.

He spoke into his cell phone. When the police arrived, I showed them my order of protection against Greg. They hauled Greg to jail. And I was left alone with him – my dream man.

Wetness trickled down my cheeks. I tasted fear and shame in those tears.

“Come with me, Sasha.” My dream man took my hand.

At work, I was his financial analyst, ‘Miss Gray.’ He was my boss.

“Mr. Delaquillo.” Was all I could manage without crying.

He placed a supporting arm around my waist. Wordlessly, he led me to the elevator.
I couldn’t meet his penetrating gaze.

When we arrived at his office, he drew me inside. My courage returned.

“Mr. Delaquillo—”

“Call me Adam, please.”

“Adam, I’m sorry about tonight. I hadn’t seen my ex, Greg, in a while. I-I never thought he’d come here and—”

Adam scowled. “You’re sorry? That asshole, your ex, is the one who should be sorry, and grateful I didn’t beat him to a bloody pulp.”

I stilled, yet my heart thumped wildly. A sudden urge to mate, to feel alive, overcame me.

He led me to a big leather chair. He sat down then pulled me onto his lap.

“I’ve dreamed of doing this with you.” He cupped my face between my hands and licked my lips, his tongue silky against my mouth.

I couldn’t resist. I straddled his muscular thighs while I unzipped his pants, freeing his large cock. I lifted the hem of my skirt but he stopped me.

“No, let me raise this tight little number.”

I always wore snug, pencil thin skirts. They were the only ones that seemed to fit my skinny frame.

He lifted my skirt, revealing my nakedness. He grinned wickedly. “I’ve wondered if you wore underwear, Sasha.” He clucked his tongue. “Naughty girl.”

My body flushed.

He gripped my buttocks in his warm palms and squeezed.

I tilted my head back when he ran a finger along the folds of my labia.

“Such beautiful, pink lips.”

I needed to come. Now.

I heard the crinkle of foil, and realized he sheathed his cock.

“Ride me.” He commanded. “Give us what we both need.”

I rode him hard. When I reached my pinnacle, I called out “Adam!” while I plunged headlong into desire’s abyss.

He gripped my waist, burying his face between my breasts while he spasmed inside me.

Soon, our breathing slowed.

We fell asleep, our bodies still joined.

Just as the sun rose, I left, careful not to disturb Adam.


That same day, I saw Adam’s scowl through the viewer on my apartment door. I unlocked it and let him in.

He angled his head, studying me. “What’s wrong, Sasha? Were you frightened by what happened with your ex? Or by what happened afterwards, with me?”


He cupped my face in his hands. “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m a wanton, kinky bitch.” I whispered. “And what happened with Greg won’t ever again.”

He frowned. “I don’t understand.”

“I thought you came here because—”

“Go on.”

“To fire me.”

“I’m here because I care. About you.”

His admission robbed me of breath.

He drew me forward, placing a tender kiss on my forehead. “And if I ever hear such nonsense from you again, I’ll paddle you.”

I squirmed in his hold, my pussy hot and wanting from his sensual threat.

“Maybe you should learn that lesson now, little one.”

When he called me ‘little one’ my knees turned to jelly.

He led me to the couch. Placing me across his muscled thighs, he lifted my robe, revealing my naked ass.


My ass burned while he spanked me, but that delicious hot tingling sensation traveled to my pussy. The next thing I knew, Adam cradled me in his arms. He ran a soothing hand over my bottom then he drove one long finger inside my pussy.

My cum soaked his legs.

He chuckled, the sound warm and rich. “Ah, Sasha, you’re so responsive, so kinky, it’s just what I want in a woman.”

“Adam!” I threw my arms around his neck and buried my nose in the skin of his throat.

“Now, go put on one of those skin-tight little numbers. I’m taking you out to dinner, then we’re going to make love all night.”

I bit down on my lower lip.

“Adam, I don’t usually do one night stands.”

He smiled. “Neither do I.”

My mouth hung open.

He kissed it closed. “I love you, Sasha. I think I always have. Ever since the day you first walked into my office wearing that skin-tight skirt.”

About the author: I sank my writing teeth into my first romance novel after years of reading my favorite authors...Linda Howard, Karen Robards, Kat Martin (just to name a few!). Those ladies inspired me to write my own romances and now, it's my passion. When I'm not writing, my favorite things to do are reading, gardening, and cooking for large crowds (I love to entertain friends and family!). My hubby and I (he's my hero) enjoy traveling - we've been to Aruba and all over the United States and Canada (and I've been to Europe... Italy is molto bello - very beautiful).

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