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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Janet Eckford

To Be or Not To Be….

I was perusing Amazon the other day trying to locate a book that I couldn’t remember the title or author for and like always got distracted on my hunt. I happened upon a thread on virginity in romance novels and was pretty excited to see some of the comments because I’d just had this conversation with one of my good friends on this topic the other day. As long as I’ve read the romance genre there have been several books where the heroine is the virgin. I was pleasantly surprised to actually read a paranormal romance where the male was a virgin (once again the author and title escape me and if I go looking for it I may never find my way back to this great thought I’m trying to work out). 

            I won’t go into details about the thread and the conversation with my friend because this is pretty much the “me hour” and if I’m going to subject you to opinions I’m going to make sure there mine. Okay there was a point I was trying to make…ah yes virgins in romance novels. Well personally I’m kind of over it. I’m sure you’re raising your eyebrow and thinking, “Well duh she writes erotic romance” but it’s more than that. I’ve just gotten to a point in my life where I want both people to know what they’re doing when they get into bed (I know a lot to ask for but hey I can always write it if I don’t find it).

            When I was thirteen and hadn’t had sex it was cool reading about the virgin and how her first time was magical. Now as a woman I’m past that. I’ve always wondered if it’s because my first time and subsequent sexual experiences were both planned and enjoyable. I’ve often wondered if some women enjoy the fantasy of a virgin coming multiple times and having minimal pain during her first sexual experience because they didn’t have the best first time themselves. 

            I’m just going to end with “Not to be” as my preference because I feel myself itching to digress into some feminist manifesto on female virginity in American culture. I’ll save that for the comments I’m sure I’m going to get;)


LeslieJane said...

Now this post makes me think. I do think that I prefer the hero and heroine not be virgins most of the time, though I also don't want them to be too promiscous, and definitely monogomous after they meet (unless menage romance). (I know, spelling bad.) But the occasional virgin is not too bad, and would love to read the one with the male virgin.

Boy have my tastes changed since I first started reading romances oh those many (many) years ago.

Shauna said...

You know I can enjoy both. I think it really has to do with the skill of the author. :)