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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hannah's Consequence by Shoshanna Evers

Hannah could hear her husband in the bedroom, getting undressed. He was spending more time in there than he usually did getting ready for bed. Knocking, she entered before he responded. Brian was standing by the bedside, fiddling with something. Rope.

Grinning, Hannah shut the door behind her, pulling off her T-shirt quickly and dropping it on the floor. Two thigh cuffs lay in the center of the king-sized bed, attached to rope which was tied to the bed frame. “Looks like you’ve got plans for tonight,” she said, laughing.

He pointed to her sleep shorts. “Off.”

Stripping, Hannah leaned over the edge of the bed without him asking her to. She knew what he wanted—what she wanted, too. His hand came down hard, spanking first one ass cheek and then the other, until she gripped the comforter on the bed and struggled to hold her position.

“Good girl,” he said, rubbing the sting away with his large, calloused hand.

From her vantage point leaning over the bed, she could see those fuzzy red thigh cuffs, taunting her. She wanted them on her, now.

He didn’t make her wait long. “Go on, lay down on your back for me.”

Hannah didn’t hesitate. The sheets felt cool against her burning bottom. Brian lifted her thigh and fastened the cuff around her, several inches above her knee. Her pussy got wet as he leaned over her, his muscular torso covering her for a moment as he restrained her other leg.

“Can you move?” he asked, looking at her with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Hannah tried to close her legs but couldn’t. Smiling, she shook her head no and offered her hands to him.

“I’m not tying your hands. I want you to lace them on your head, and don’t move them. If you let your hands drop there will be consequences.”

“Oh,” she said, trying not to show her surprise at this new rule. Having her hands restrained was fun, but this was a challenge. Could she keep her hands in place no matter what he did to her? He was testing her submission, she knew. Part of her was tempted to drop her hands just for the punishment, but pleasing Brian was what she lived for, so she’d obey.

She gasped as he pulled out the vibrator. He plugged the huge Magic Wand into the same extension cord that gave juice to her reading light and alarm clock.

He touched a button and the vibrator whirred to life. Hannah hated how it was so loud and ugly, and the damn cord got in the way all the time, but oh my goodness, it did give a damn good orgasm. Or, when her husband was wielding it, numerous damn good orgasms. She moaned as Brian spread her labia until her clit was fully exposed before pressing the vibrating head of the wand directly against her swollen nub. The vibrations flowed through her, making her come within seconds, her muscles contracting rhythmically as Brian slipped two fingers inside her dripping pussy.

He tapped inside her, hitting her g-spot repeatedly as he held the vibrator against her, never letting it go, never giving her even a moment to catch her breath. She cried out as another climax ripped through her body.

“I’m keeping this on you,” he warned. “You’re not done yet.”

Hannah had to fight the urge to drop her hands from her head—to push away the vibrator, because while it felt amazing, the sensation overload grew to be too much. She groaned as he ground the wand against her clit, her hands trembling, but they remained on her head. She realized her thighs strained to close against their bonds, and she got even wetter knowing she couldn’t escape her forced orgasms.

Running his fingers up and down her slick folds, Brian murmured appreciatively at the stream of feminine ejaculate covering his fingers.

“Look at all this natural lubrication,” he said softly. “We need to put this to good use.” He slid a wet finger inside her asshole, making her gasp and buck against his finger, needing more.

Grunting, Brian turned off the vibrator and positioned himself between her spread thighs, stroking his cock with one hand and fingering her asshole with the other. In one swift thrust, he sank into her wet pussy.

Hannah swiveled her hips up, meeting him thrust for thrust, groaning as he pulled his finger out of her ass and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward him, the angle of his strokes pounding her g-spot perfectly. The sex seemed to go on forever…just when she thought he was done he fucked her with renewed vigor—and she loved every second. She melted around him, her pussy muscles milking his thick cock as he ejaculated inside her, and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him close.

He grunted and thrust harder, riding her, then stopped, staring into her eyes. “You dropped your hands,” he noted.

Uh oh. She quickly got back into position, lacing her hands on top of her head.

Brian laughed, pulling out of her and sitting up on his knees. He looked huge, towering over her. “Hmm, what consequence have you just earned yourself?”

Hannah bit her lip but didn’t say a word. She wanted whatever he gave her.

“A pussy slap, perhaps?” Brian asked, raising his hand, hovering it in front of her swollen cunt. Hannah didn’t even have time to wince. His hand came down, hard, and she squealed, her thighs jerking as she tried to slam them shut against the restraints.

“Or maybe,” he said, “another forced orgasm.” He ground his palm into her clit, keeping the pressure steady, until she was panting and gasping as the climax hit her.

Brian slowly unfastened her restraints, gently rubbing her thighs. He picked her up and held her against his muscular chest, kissing her deeply. “I love you, you know,” he whispered.

Hannah smiled, thoroughly satiated. “I know. I love you too—forever.”

“Forever. Happy anniversary, baby.” And he kissed her again.

About the author: Shoshanna Evers writes erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave, and in 2011, for Berkley Heat. In addition to writing, Shoshanna is a registered nurse, advice columnist, wife, and mother. She welcomes emails from readers at Sexily *Evers* After…


L.Quint said...

It's a really hot short story, very descriptive. I love every detail of it and at the same time is concise.
It provides expert tips to lovers.

Great work!

Gdog said...

Very Hot! A great turn on! Will Be reading more of Shoshanna's books. That's a given