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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Mahalia Levey

Where Do Ideas Come From?

I get ideas from a host of different arenas. Sometimes I’ll listen to a song and it’ll spark a thought which will spark a premise and give me an iron clad blurb— minus character names to begin with. 

When I’m out with my children or fiancé, I’ll observe people around us at public venues; people do the darndest things and say the damndest things that make you think hmmm, now wouldn’t that be great in a story! 

I mull over ideas at times and the best mulling place seems to be my shower.  Inside my shower is a placard and a grease pen. I found that I got tired of running out of the shower dripping wet to try to write down the thought, and had to come up with a course of action. 

When we go on vacation, I look at town names, gas stations, colleges, saloons etc… The last trip I found a gas station named “Kum-and-Go”, a saloon named “Happy Beaver” and a museum named “Bushwackers.”  Places like this bring out the naughty nymph in me. :-)

The important thing about ideas is that even if you can’t use them at the time, it’s imperative to jot them down. The smallest idea can be turned into a stand alone or even the beginning of a series. I’ve also had moments of sheer frustration in life leading to an entire premise. The latest example…my son’s glasses broke, the screw that holds in the lens came loose, and I couldn’t get the blasted screw back in. The situation has led to a new story with some comical content. 

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