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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Janet Eckford

The voices in my head…

            The other day my friend was asking me how do I make up my stories and I said the voices in my head. As long as I can remember I’ve had these fantastical stories that just play out before I go to bed. I often wonder if this is a contributing factor to my insomnia or a form of psychosis but either way it really makes for some awesome dreams;) 

            I’ve always had a passion for writing what my overactive imagination can make up. When I was little my mom bought my sister and I toy typewriters and I would spend hours “writing” a book for my mom. I didn’t know how to write anything beside my name but I would press those keys as diligently as any author until I had several sheets of nonsensical words that I would present to my parents as my story. 

            When I was in the sixth grade I had to do a writing assignment about the indigenous people of South America. I remember doing some extra research and learning about cannibalism and, of course, I had to write a story about a young girl being sacrificed to please the gods (my teacher actually called my parents concerned about what I was watching on TV). Yep, this little (actually considering the size of my head, big) brain of mine always seems to have a story going in the background.

            When I started reading romance in my early adolescents I wanted to write those types of stories and when I actually started having sex I wanted to write those types of stories. The voices whisper to me of witty heroines that exhibit sexuality that is confident but yet vulnerable in its sincerity. I want heroes that are HOT with qualities that are important to me at the time I start writing (I can’t really say what because unlike the heroines my heroes change with my mood and my ovulation cycle). 

            Yep, the voices in my head are finally happy that I’m not the only one that gets to hear them so they have a lot to say.

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