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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Cherie De Sues

Wiccan magick is old; my family history goes back nine generations with hints of more, so much more. When I hear that Wicca is a new religion I smile; Wicca is the second oldest religion in the world. The first religion according to archaeological history was Shamanism. From Shamanism, the people of the earth moved into a time where they adored the planet, the bountiful harvests and beauty. That was 25,000 years ago, surely older than some want-to-be historian of Wicca will sell you in their latest novel. The druids came long before a best-selling book, instructing you on how to cast a spell or perform a ceremony.

I believe in tradition, in ancient rituals that cleanse the heart of evil and fill you with white magick. In this time of electronic gizmos, instant gratification and sexual abandon, sometimes it's wonderful to take a breather and get back to nature.
In this frame of mind, I came across a very old entry in my family's Book of Shadows that explains how to change a "Foe into a Friend" spell. I've used this when I was in high school and was very pleased with the results. Using pure, white magick is about bending, being flexible and respecting all other cultures/people. So try this to win over that office nuisance or offensive mother-in-law..."And you do no harm, do what ye will".

1.   Write your name on one side of a piece of wood. (try an ice cream stick)
2.   Write your enemy's name on the other side.
3.   Cut a five-pointed star out of pink cloth or paper.
4.   Place both items into a crockery jar. (I use a glass jar with a screw on lid)
5.   Fill the jar, half with sugar/half with stream water and cover.
6.   Shake the jar thrice times three for nine days as you say sweetly for the crows nine calls, with pure intent...
My sweet thoughts of thee, your sweet thoughts of me
Are in (enemy's name) mind constantly
I do thee no harm, I offer myself on one knee
Blessed be, so mote it be  

1 comment:

Shauna said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed your posts this week. I've found them fun and enjoyable and look forward to reading your book. (I really enjoyed Triage, too). I especially liked today's spell. I was once told if someone is really bothering to write there name on a piece of paper and put in water and freeze it. I think making them a friend is a much better strategy. :)