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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Charisma Knight

Making Changes

If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be? How would you pursue making these changes? Would you feed the hungry and provide them with shelter and clothes if you ever obtained a significant amount of money? What of the elderly? Watching the news breaks my heart because it is no secret that some healthcare workers have no business in their line of work. Health care workers should be caring, and not view their profession as work. I think when it gets to that point; perhaps one should start thinking of a career change.

Before my grandfather passed a few years ago, he was in hospice. The nurse on duty was a slouch, and didn’t like her job. You could see the look on her face when we informed her that my granddaddy needed to be changed, and it sickened us, to no end. If she didn’t want to clean people, she shouldn’t have applied for the job. The family demanded that she be replaced by someone who gave a damn. We were successful in making that change, but unfortunately, there are so many elderly who are neglected in nursing homes, and hospice. What are your thoughts, and opinions?

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Victoria said...

My thoughts: You are right! My grandmother just spent almost 2 months in a 'nursing home/care facility' and I could fill 2 pages with the problems we had. She ended up back at the hospital after the first week because of the lack of "care" and attention! And this is 24 hours of trained Nurses watching over our loved ones!

I know they are over-worked. I know it is a job. I know they have out-side lives with their own problems. But there are real people's lives in their hands every minute of every day...

And the really sad thing is that I don't have any clue what to do about our current system.

My 87 year old, almost blind grandmother is now back home with failing kidneys because it is better for us to go and try to care for her there than the 'treatment' she was getting at the "home." Is there a solution??