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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Author Interview: Lauren Fraser

Whipped Cream is glad to welcome Lauren Fraser whose latest book The Geek Next Door has just been released by Liquid Silver Books.

I asked Lauren how she personally distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"Porn is just sex for sex's sake. Whereas erotic romance is about the journey to love. Sure sex is a big part of that, but there's a story and emotion involved in that process. I think the difference between erotica and erotic romance is erotica is the couple's story in a happy for now kind of way whereas erotic romance is all about the happily ever after. Hopefully my explanation makes sense," she said with a smile.

A good erotic story has to have emotion and, of course, passion.

"I want the passion between the two people to be tangible so it literally jumps off the page so I can feel how much they want it each other and how the connection between them is so strong nothing is going to be able to keep them apart," she explained. "No matter what obstacles I throw at them, this couple is going to be able to figure it out. Sometimes it takes a bit but what they have is worth fighting for."

Lauren told me there are so many great erotic writers that it was hard to choose just one, but admitted that Mari Carr is always a favorite.

"She does such an amazing job telling the couple's story there is no way you could read her books and think they are porn; they are absolutely romance."

The research she has to do depends on each book. She will talk to people who work in the various fields that her characters work in. She does a lot of work on the Internet because she can literally be anywhere in the world with applications like Google Earth.

"The rest of my research, I'll just leave up to your imagination," she added with a snicker.

She does feel that the best research books you can read are those books that are put out by the publisher you hope to sell to.

"Study those to get a feel for the heat levels and the differences between the lines so that you know what you are shooting for," she said, adding with a grin, "I guess you also couldn't go wrong grabbing a copy of the Kama Sutra. I'm not bendy enough to personally do some of the positions but my characters sure can. "

Some other good advice from Lauren include joining a critique group, or at the very least, fina a partner that can give you an honest opinion.

"Make sure that partner is familiar with erotica," she warned. "It isn't really helpful to have someone critique your work who doesn't like the genre or someone who just tells you what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth is hard but if you listen it can make you a better writer."

When Lauren started writing, she didn't have the intention to write erotica, but it just felt natural to her.

"Sex is a huge part of a healthy relationship and it just seemed odd to leave that out of the book," she explained. "The intimacy after sex is also so important, that relaxed haze where you allow yourself to be vulnerable and really let the other person in."

Lauren admitted she's very lucky in that her family is incredibly supportive about her writing, especially her husband. Her children are too young to understand exactly what she writes.

"My mom really wanted to buy all of my books and read them and I said it really might not be her thing; she bought them anyways," Lauren said with a laugh. "It's fantastic to be able to openly talk about what I love to do with the people closest to me. I'd hate it if I had to hide it."

On a personal note, I asked Lauren, "If you had to pierce a body part, what would you pierce and why?"

"Well I've had my ears and belly button pierced forever. I just think a pierced belly button is pretty sexy. A lot of piercings are in erogenous areas so the whole sexual connotation is attached to them and how they could enhance your experience. Even earrings can be twisted and played with for some pretty great results."

Chocolate anything is Lauren's favorite food, but when it comes to eating off another person she told me, "Whipped cream is always fun. But I think the best is ice cream. The contrast between the cold ice cream and a hot mouth. Mmm Plus it tastes damned good!"

On the other hand, she cannot bring herself to eat raw oysters.

"The whole texture and consistency is just gross. It reminds me of having a really bad cold." She laughed. "Eww! I know too much info."

Lauren told me she can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, but she didn't share her preference.

"I have to admit even though I know diet pop is so bad for me, I tend to drink diet most often. I'd rather eat my calories than drink them and I definitely have a preference in my diet pop choice as well."

She told me she's not much of a foot person, but she thinks toes look so much more appealing when they are painted. "I'd feel naked to have sandals on with no nail polish."

Finally, I asked, "If someone were to play you in a movie, what actor would it be and why?"

"Gosh, that's a hard one. No one immediately comes to mind. Umm I guess maybe Drew Barrymore. We are close in age, height and body shape/build. I'd love to say I was as attractive as she is but... well this is the movies so you get to dream a bit, right?"

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