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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Kele Moon

Believe in the impossible
By Kele Moon

Two years ago my life was essentially in shambles. A series of horrible failed pregnancies and health dramas left me fighting for my life more than once. So harrowing were these experiences I was depressed and traumatized long after I started to gain my strength back. To top things off, I was in an unhappy place both financially and career wise and quite honestly the light at the end of the tunnel seemed dim.

It was at a point when it felt like things couldn’t get any worse that my husband got the sudden urge to look for a writer’s conference near us in the hopes of cheering me up and inspiring me since writing has always been the one great remedy for my life’s ails.

It was either by luck or destiny that he discovered Romantic Time’s annual conference was in a few days and just happened to be right up the street from us that year. The rush to get registered was frantic, but at the very last minute, without knowing it was going to happen, I found myself at the Romantic Times writer’s conference with my friend Lori Toland.

It inspired both of us and we came home enthusiastic and reenergized. I felt the passion to write in a way I hadn’t in years. More so, I felt the hope that I could get published. Going to that conference made what had always seemed like an unattainable dream something a little closer to a possible reality.

I finished my first book Beyond Eden in three months, and it was a manuscript I was incredibly proud of. It flowed out of me as if I had always been meant to write it, surprising me with its depth of emotion. The characters were so real and vibrant to me I wouldn’t have been surprised to run into them walking around the corner, and their love story was one that I was proud to have told.

Almost directly after finishing Beyond Eden, I found out I was pregnant again. I wasn’t supposed to be able to have any more children, more so attempting it was a huge health risk. Despite the odds, I decided to brave another pregnancy, emotionally aided largely by the triumph of finishing my first novel after years of dreaming about it.

I won’t bore you with the details, but just know that I did get my book published and it has been receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. And despite facing huge health odds, I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby girl who is so sweet and happy she’s like a radiant ray of joy for our whole family.

Strangely enough, a writer’s conference helped me believe in miracles.


Maureen said...

That is a great story and it's great that a writer conference helped you so much.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Kele Moon said...

Thanks, Maureen!

robynl said...

how nice that things have come in to place in your life; kudos to you.

Shauna said...

Congrats on the baby and new book. Sometimes good things come together. :)

booklover0226 said...

Congrats on your family and career. It must be very exciting for you.

Tracey D

lindseye said...

Babies and books are both miracles in their own ways.