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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

RaeLynn’s Reflecting Pool

When at conventions and book signings, readers often ask, “RaeLynn, where do your ideas come from?” 

I often answer, “From my reflecting pool.”

I always get funny looks or “what?”

“From my reflecting pool.”

A reflecting pool is an ancient pool of water that’s used for reflecting images. Right now, you’re probably thinking well duh.  When my Muse decides to take a vacation or when she’s watching the football games (Go Steelers), I sometimes need to find a way to jump start my writing.

So, I go to what I call my reflecting pool. It’s a collection of random slips of paper, articles, and jots of thoughts. The collection is a paper pool of bits of ideas and slips of creativity. As a writer, I love to write and I write a lot—on napkins, on slips of paper, on the backs of receipts, and on just about anything I can find. Sometimes these thoughts don’t go to anything or fit into any story I’m currently working on. Then it goes into the pool. I promptly forget about it.

In my ten years of writing professionally, it never fails that I will reach a block. It’s inevitable. Writer’s block is an ugly, controlling, and horrible condition. When I can go to my pool, dip my mental fingers inside and pull out a remedy. From the droplets of inspiration from my reflecting pool, I can begin to write, push through the block, and eventually write something you enjoy (hopefully). My friend, Drea Riley, said that she puts blood in and ink out, and that’s probably the most profound explanation of writing that I’ve ever heard. When I’m using my reflecting pool those droplets become stories and multiply.

Soon I have a rainfall of ideas and from those showers, well, stories flower.

Enjoy the reading and go get wet! You can find a full garden of my stories at my website,

RaeLynn Blue

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Shauna said...

What a cool idea. And I love what you call it!