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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Laura Guevara and Drea Riley

The Beauty of Dual Inspiration

Inspiration. It’s a big word and the concept is broad. Inspiration varies from medium to medium and artist to artist. While one of us might wake up from a dream with the urge to write, the other might eat a decadent meal and feel full of urgency. The need to put words on paper strikes when and where it will. It's the smell of cologne as a man gets on or off the elevator. The deep husky sound of a couple breathing as they run by on the sidewalk. It’s the clichés everywhere and everything. There is just no telling what will inspire a story.

More often than not one of us feels the inspiration and it infects the other like a plague. We take turns as leads on stories. Even though what has been published up until now is more like a yours and mine format that mimics our personal friendship, it’s really more a give and take. And the things we are working on now will really reflect that. One of us will start a sentence or a paragraph and the other one will elaborate or refine it. Once we get into our writing mode, we are synced. It's a little scary sometimes.

Other authors have inspired us. We have an open marriage so to speak. We like to share and experiment and do our own thing. And that makes it great when we come back together as a duo. It strengths our bond and brings a fresh inspiration to our work. (Ok, wait. Laura, did I just write that? That's a little too kinky. You finish this.)

Shaking head at Drea, but she is right. We have both worked on solo projects and collaborated with others. And when we come back, it's like we never left. I’ll usually get an idea and know that Drea will understand and help me write it out. And vice versa. Sometimes when you write alone it's easy to lose whatever inspiration or focus you have. So having a partner to lean on is a wonderful tool. You get a support system, a help desk if you well. Someone who can bring a new perspective or a different angle. Sometimes it clashes. But even those clashes inspire you to keep something moving. To see something through till you're done.
And that in itself is by definition--Inspiring.


Classy n Sassy said...

Now that is great team work ladies. V

WC said...

We could all benefit from a good support system. When something you're working on stalls which in your case your writing then the other can jumpstart it and keep it moving and flowing smoothly. Two heads are better than one.


Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

you know the words that popped out were: we have an open marriage

jeanie and i were about to drive to texas...


Dréa riley said...

sigh i knew IKNEW YOU TOO WOULD SEE THAT LOL...not the part were i scared my self with that