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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Kele Moon

Two is better than one
By Kele Moon

A rising trend in erotica is the ménage romance, where we see a heroine falling in love with two male protagonists. And why not? Two heroes can be better than one. Aside from the obvious benefits (the fantasy of having two men caring for the woman they love) there is potential for fantastic angst, conflict and sexual tension when you’ve got a built-in love triangle.

In my new book Beyond Eden three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in an erotic Garden of Eden tale. The story is a male/male/female ménage, meaning there are strong romantic elements between the two heroes. That’s always something that has appealed to me with ménage—the idea that three people could truly fall in love with each other. Writing it was a wonderful, emotional journey that I enjoyed immensely. 

I believe ménage is an interesting way to try out male/male romance that is becoming hugely popular in erotic romance. There are also many male/female/male ménage romances available where the two heroes aren’t romantically involved with each other, but are both dedicated to loving and pleasing the heroine.

I’ve been reading ménage for years, though granted it used to be much harder to get a hold of and I tended to grab whatever I could find. Now with the enormous growth of the erotic romance market the choices in ménage romance have become greater. It’s in every genre of romance from Sci-Fi to BDSM and the pairings and plot lines are often more complex and deep than they seem at first glance.

If you’ve never tried two heroes instead of one, give it a taste. . . You might just love it!


Maureen said...

I have seen a lot of stories out there with two heroes and one heroine.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

booklover0226 said...

Several years ago, I tried my first book featuring m/f/m. Let me tell you, I haven't looked back since!

Tracey D

Shauna said...

The M/F/M relationship sometimes seems very F sided. Two men adoring one woman, more like a female a fantasy. I think the M/M/F might be a more honest relationship with everyone loving each other.

robynl said...

I have yet to read one!!

Kele Moon said...

Maureen, yeah, two heroes instead of one is ALWAYS fun!! LOL!

Tracey, woo hooo! LOL! That does my heart good. . .I love menage so much it's not even funny!!

Shauna, I prefer M/M/F personally. . . but, that's just my preference.

robynl, Oh my gosh!! You should!! Go read one right now! LOL!

Thanks for the comments!


lindseye said...

I prefer stories about committed menage in either combination. Love that I can now find all different varieties.