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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Laura Guevara and Drea Riley

The Power of Dreams
Laura Guevara

Dreams can be a very powerful thing. Usually I don’t really remember my dreams the next morning or they are just so weird that I just want to forget all about them. Or that feeling of déjà vu that comes over you out of nowhere. It’s a little unnerving to tell you the truth. But I believe dreams are telling you something and you need to listen. Especially the ones that you remember with vivid detail. The ones where you wake up in cold sweat or heart racing because you could feel, taste, touch, believe those sequences of events are real.

Last night though I had a dream about my father. He passed away six months ago, well, seven by the time you read this. But last night I dreamed of him. This is the second time it's happened since his passing. After each dream I know that I need to go visit his grave. I have only gone three times. The first was when we buried him, the second on Father’s Day, and the third today. It’s not that I don’t want to go. I do. I had planned on going every week but I just couldn’t do it. So my dad reminds me from the beyond to go visit him. Yet even though I don’t visit him as much as I would like, I do think about him. I am thankful for all he has given us.

On a much lighter note, I have also dreamed about winning the lottery. Now why can’t that dream come true? Or tell me what are the numbers for the next drawing? I mean I would seriously put all those millions to great use. You know pay off bills, quit my job so that I can concentrate more on writing. That sort of thing.

What do your dreams tell you?


WC said...

Hi Laura. Most of them I don't remember. The ones I would like to remember, the happy ones always end too soon without my hea. the sad ones where someone is hurt or has died always stay so vividly in my mind. The one year anniversary of my mom's death just passed
9/24/10. In that time I have dreamed about her several times.
The winning lottery numbers would be nice, lol. I've awakened a couple of times and I've seen six sets of lottery numbers in my dreams, but once my eyes are opened I can't remeber any of them.


Hales said...

I dream odd things, sometimes I think it's the characters other times that I'm plum frickn crazy lol. I never have loverish dreams always action and violent ones sometimes I"m in them sometimes I'm not.

Dréa riley said...

I dream lots of stuff. From recipes to story lines. I even dreamed the winning lotto numbers once when i was in highschool. it was the one time my dad didn't play my numbers for. I truly believe that dreams are a form of communication. Lots of people toss it up to mumbo jumbo, but i grew up in a mumbo jumbo family. Our dreams tell us so much about our lives and our passions and our futures.

Jeanie Johnson said...

The Jeanie's dreams tell her that she should be asleep MORE than she should be

I've won the lottery so many dang times only to wake up cos' I've gotta go to work...whyyyyyyyyyy!?