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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Laura Guevara and Drea Riley


“Hey Laura, what are we doing today?”

“We need to answer the interview questions and then work on the mini questions.”

“Ok you get started and let me know when you're ready.”

“Uhm, how about I am ready now. Not sure what we want to write about yet.”

“Well, sh.. umm, ok, how about what it takes to write with a partner who is a freak?”

“I am not a freak! Just because I like to be tied....”

“Whoa hey, TMI...see that’s what I am talking about, FREAK!”

Sigh. “Drea, you need to stop spreading rumors.”

“Rumors are gossip unsubstantiated by fact. I am telling the truth; the people need to know!”

“Whatever, we have gotten off topic; we need to focus.”

“On what...oh yeah. Ok, ummm, so what are we writing about? Did you watch True Blood last night? Hey, are we gonna work on a Halloween story?"

“Hell, yes, I watched True Blood, not going to miss sexy Eric the vampire...well, except when he did that scene with Talbot, it should’ve been me. Halloween story, sure if we can fit it in. Don’t we have a ton of other stuff to finish first?”

“That scene with Talbot was just... never mind. Well, I have an idea from last year that we didn’t finish. We can dig it back out and do it together if you want. I say we pick a date and just focus on that.”

“Send me whatever you have so I can see what you have so far. Because I don’t remember what I did last night, much less an idea from last Halloween."

“I know what you probably did last night!”

“SHHHH, Drea people don’t need to know!”

“Ok,ok, I’ll behave. Can we just focus here? This interview is important. I never see you anymore; you’re hanging out with other authors and getting your hair cut and working out.”

“Awww, you know you’re my little sister and that I love you. Leave my hair alone; I love my new cut and color. It’s hot as hell down here, so having a LOT less hair is a blessing. Don’t know why I didn’t go short a long time ago.”

“Whatever, if you wouldn’t wear all that leather and vinyl and stuff.”

“There you again! And I would have you know that I don’t own one leather or vinyl thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, ok so is it a date? Are we doing a Halloween? Can you crayola me in?”

“Yeah, I think I can write something for Halloween."

“We can even make it a little kinky, you know, whips and chains.”

“Oh I like that! I have just the thing for us to write about.”

“Ok so that’s settled. Now about these articles? I think our first one should be about what it takes to write as a duo and focus on one project at a time. Oh, and hey, let's don’t get too heavy handed with this Halloween thing. I’ll do the funny; you do the kinky.”

“Fine, but you don’t know what you are missing.”

“Hey hey a lil’ light butt smacking and biting is good. I never said it wasn’t. What I said was that you are a freak.”

“Yeah you keep saying that but if you like light spanking then you are a freak too. There is a little freak in all of us.”

“I am not denying or confirming anything. I am not the issue.. .never was. Can we focus on the fact that you’re a freak for a moment? Can we just go on record about that?”

“Why are you so hung up on that? But, fine, if it will help you focus, I will admit that I like a little variety. There, how about that?”


“I said a little variety, damn it! Now focus, Drea!"

“Variety = freak. Focus on the fact that you’re a freak? Yes, I am focused on that fact.”

“I give up. I think I’m going to bed. Can we take this up again tomorrow?”

“As in right from this point where we left off...or talking about what inspires us to write? I mean really, Laura, we haven’t even addressed the topic of focusing and working together. We just got passed you admitting your little issues.”

“No, we agreed that we are writing a Halloween story, and wait, I don’t have ‘lil issues.’ Ok wait, never mind, not going there again. So we will take it up tomorrow about inspiration. Ok?”

“Ok, I can agree to that. I can be focused on that. Today, Laura is a freak. Tomorrow: Inspiration."

"You know what inspires me?”

“That porn star Derrick Pierce? Or cowboys?”

“BOTH! But besides that. Do you know what really inspires me?”

“ what?”


“Great, now you are going to make me cry. But you inspire me, too, babe.”

“Oh wow. I am not going to cry. I am tough.” Sniff.

“Ok enough of let's call it a night and we write about inspiration tomorrow. But first I am going to have to look at pics of Derrick again. Or maybe Eric. Hell I could do both.”

“OMG, you want to see I have his website book marked. I am thinking of getting satellite radio so I can listen to his show!”

“Let me call you.”

The beauty of writing in a pair can also be the struggle. Most writing partners are NOT situated anywhere near each other geographically, and each person may have other demands outside of their commitment to each other--be it individual writing careers, marriages or personalities. Riley and Guevara fit that mold to a T, which makes what we do so much sweeter. Anyone reading the conversation above would think we’re completely nuts and unprofessional. While we maybe nuts, this is actually the way it works for us. It makes our style and our stories unique. We really do focus and write. It just takes us a little bit longer than most. But that is how we work together. Late night, whispered conversations. Brief cryptic emails and text messages. One things leads to another and before we know it, a half cocked idea becomes a full fledged story. Our personalities really do mesh and that makes us a great writing team. We make time to focus and some times we have to RE-focus our Focus. But in the end we’ll ...ummm what were we talking about?


Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

you guys as always are a riot
so what did you do on halloween? eyebrow waggle

Dréa riley said...

LOL no comment till you get it LOL!