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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Think We're Alone Now by Wendi Zwaduk

A field of mud and nothing to do with it.

Jess stared at the vacant lots around her camper. The race ended more than twenty-four hours ago, but due to the rain that morning, her recreational vehicle sat prone. Sunlight sparkled in the puddles littering the landscape. Mud sullied the pathways.

“So much for waiting for the mob to clear.”

Jess descended the stairs and propped her hands on her hips. At the time, holding back while the rest of the campers left sounded like a great idea—more room to maneuver without fear of hitting something. Then the inevitable happened. For more than three hours she watched the rain fall and the vehicles amble of out the grassy space.

She sighed. She could push her luck and attempt to drive through the ruts, but where would that get her? Stuck even deeper in the soggy earth.

“Shame to waste a perfectly nice afternoon.” A smile curled her mouth as Paul Ford strolled out from behind her camper. “Sticking around has its merits. I think we’re alone now.”

“Really?” She shivered in anticipation. Paul turned heads with his dark hair curling at the nape of his neck and the farmer’s tan kissing his skin. She’d bet her last dollar he was propositioned wherever he went. “What did you have in mind—for the afternoon?”

He tugged the baseball cap from his head and wiped his brow with his forearm. “Groundskeepers won’t be around for another six hours, so that gives me plenty of time to figure out your predicament.”

She licked her lips, anxious to taste him. Wetness slickened her panties. Her gaze slipped down his torso to the denim hugging his muscled legs. How could one man look so sexy in dirty cowboy boots and a threadbare T-shirt?

“I could help you move the camper, or we could find something better to do.” He strode towards her, his gaze never leaving her eyes. “I know what I want to do.”

Her nipples pebbled beneath her bra in anticipation of his touch. Damn, he hadn’t bridged the final gap between them yet she felt his hands everywhere. “What did you have in mind?” she asked in a voice she barely recognized as her own.

Paul’s eyes flashed as he twined their fingers. He led her into the cramped confines of the camper. She blinked as her vision adjusted to the dim light. He pressed the button to engage the slide out, widening the aisle. “Strip.”

She swallowed past the dryness in her mouth. She felt comfortable with her body, but show him? She had pounds around her middle from the baby, stretch marks, and the fact she wasn’t twenty-six any longer.

Sensing her hesitance, Paul backed her towards the bed at the head of the camper. “There isn’t an inch of you that I don’t find beautiful. I want to see all of you.”

Her calves hit the edge of the mattress. Might as well live dangerously. She tugged the soft cotton of her tank top over her head, revealing the sensible sport bra she wore underneath. “It’s not sexy, but it’s useful.” She suppressed a groan at her lack of tact.

“Useful is very sexy.” Paul slid his hands underneath the lingerie and pinched the beaded tips of her breasts. A growl erupted from his throat. “Vixen.”

She giggled. “I’m hardly a vixen.”

Releasing her breasts, he worked the button open on her jeans and shoved the cumbersome denim past her hips. He knelt and helped her out of her pants. “You keep me awake at night, sweetheart. I want to lose myself in your eyes and bury myself deep within your sweet pussy.” He nuzzled the sensitive skin between her legs, his tongue darting out to taste her. “Like honey.”

“Me?” Jess wobbled on her feet and slumped back onto the bed. The thought crossed her mind—how to get the bra off without looking goofy? She toyed with the elastic band below her breasts.

“You’re my addiction.” Still on his knees, he slipped the straps of the bra off her shoulders and urged the constricting fabric up over her head. “Forever.”

Paul struggled out of his pants and shucked the T-shirt. She licked her lips and gazed at him—from the wicked curl of his lips, down his chiseled chest to the treasure trail of hair leading to his cock. A fresh rush of heat seared her core. The blunt head of his dick bobbed as he straddled her. “Open for me, gorgeous.”

Sucking in a ragged breath, Jess wrapped her legs around his waist. The thrum of blood through his engorged shaft tickled her clit.

“You like?” Planting his palms on the bed beside her head, Paul entered her body in a series of slow thrusts. “Tell me how it feels.”

“More,” she panted. “All of you.”

“Yes.” His breath fanned over her skin as he pistoned in and out of her body. Lust, need, and love surged through her veins. She’d give anything to have the moment last. Jess tugged him down for a kiss, her tongue mimicking the action of his cock in her pussy. Breaking the kiss, he gripped her hip and pushed deeper into her channel. The slap of skin on skin and his moans ricocheted in the small space. She ran her fingers down the sweat slickened column of his back.

“Paul!” Her hips moved of their own volition as the orgasm built low in her belly.

“Fuck.” Paul threw his head back. “Yes.” He tensed over her as his climax passed. “Damn, it’s good every time.”

Jess slumped against the bed, nestling in the downy comforter. “Ten years and you’re still the one.” He’d always be the man to make her heart thunder and her blood sizzle.

He urged her towards the pillows with a nod and yanked the blanket up over their nude bodies. “I love you, Jess baby. For always.” Paul snuggled her tight in his arms. “Aren’t you glad with left the kids with your mother?”

She rested her head on his shoulder, tangling their legs. “You were right. This is the best way to spend our anniversary, holed up in our camper making love. Do we wait for next year or try again in fifteen minutes?”

“I’m ready right now.”


About the author: Thanks for enjoying this work by Wendi Zwaduk. By day she’s a SAHM of one son, two dogs, and two cats, but at night she lets her inner muse run wild and writes tales of love won, lost, and won again. If she’s not at her computer, she can be found at her local dirt tracks cheering for the Late Model cars or haunting the local library in search of new authors. Check out her blog and website

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