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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Author Interview: Raine Delight

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Raine Delight, whose latest book in her Devon Falls series, Haunting Magic is available from Aspen Mountain Press.

Raine told me there are several writers who write excellent erotic fiction. A few of the ones she enjoys include Lena Austin, Selena Illyria, Clare London, Claire Thompson, and Cherise Sinclair. This is by no means all the writers she likes, but she said about these, "They write some amazing stories that can get you all hot and botrhered yet you want more on the characters once the last page is read."

She admitted she can't pick just one favorite, however the author that got her interested in erotica was Bertrice Small.

"Her writing had me enthralled since I was a teenager," Raine said. "She showed me you can have sex scenes in a story and not take away from it. It enhanced it and gave it more depth."

She feels one of the biggest public misconceptions about erotica is that it's basically porn and all about sex.

"Erotica is more than sex it is the connection between two (or more) people that grab you. The sex is the bonus in my opinion," she explained.

Unfortunately, members of her family fall into this category as well.

"Alas my family calls me their 'dirty little secret'. They don’t like what I write; think I need a 'real job' and that my books are pure porn," she told me. "They don’t even bother to congratulate me if I get a contract, great review, etc." She shrugged. "Can’t change them but it does hurt."

On the other hand, her best cheerleader is her significant other. "He gives me the support I need and cheers for me when I got great news, mediocre news or very bad reviews," she said with a smile.

"How do you do your research for your books?" I wondered.

"Depending on the story, I will use the internet for most of it. I am currently creating a BDSM series that called for research and I found a few online workshops that author Cynnara Tregarth did, talked to people I knew who were or are in the scene and tried to make sure I had the correct information then incorporate it in my work. I am lucky to have a crit group I just joined to help me find mistakes or issues with my work."

She didn't necessarily set out to write erotica. She just wanted to write a story where the characters weren't so idiotic.

"I read a book that was plain awful. The characters were TSTL (too stupid to live) and I kept complaining to an author friend who dared me to write one of my own." She shrugged and said, "Somehow that ended up opening the door to the muse and voila! I am now a published author. That dare started me writing and I love every minute of it."

I told Raine she could entertain a character from any book and wanted to know who it would be and what the evening would be like.

"Well dang I would have a hard time choosing. Can I have more than one?"

She pouted when I said, "No."

"Then Roarke from the In Death series. His Irish accent would be lovely to hear and we would just veg and I can listen to the man talk….then get out of Dodge when Eve comes home so I don’t get my butt kicked," she said with a laugh.

On more of a personal note, I asked Raine, "If you had to pierce a body part, what would you pierce and why?"

"Oh man the only thing I pierce is my ears. I am not into piercing anything else. She shuddered. "I have this aversion to pain in places other than my ears. Though on guys, I find nipple rings sexy. Any other parts pierced I am not too sure on."

For eating off another person's tummy, Raine enjoys strawberries, admitting that it can get messy but fun. Chocolate pudding is another lickable food, and so is honey, though honey tends to get too sweet in her opinion. For other body parts, Raine said with a grin that she would leave it up to the reader's imagination.

Her favorite food? White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. "Love every delectable bite," she said with a smile.

Her least favorite? Liver and onions. She said, shuddering in horror, "My mother used to force us to eat it and I cannot eat it to this day. It makes me gag."

She's never known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue, but laughed and said she thought it sounded like fun.

When she's not writing, Rain likes to watch DVD's with her husband, with some of their favorites being Criminal Mindkks, the original Stargate SG-1 series with Richard Dean Anderson, Farscape, and Smallville. She also enjoys hiking, going to the movies (particularly anything with Johnny Depp or natural disaster movies), and playing video games. When she is writing, she has to have some type of music on to help her concentrate.

Finally, I asked Raine, "What advice do you give authors wanting to write erotica?"

"For me, since I enjoyed reading it, it was a natural progression to writing it. If you are uncomfortable in writing a sex scene then I would say write where you are comfortable -- be it horror, thriller or sweet romance. Another thing I learned when writing erotica is to make sure the sex scenes do not take over the storyline. I hate stories where three pages in they are having sex. I want to know more about the characters, their lives, and the storyline. If there is a natural progression for sex, than great."

You can keep up with Raine on her website,

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