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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Author Interview: Nichelle Gregory

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Nichelle Gregory, whose first contemporary novella, Lovin' Leela, was released this month from Total eBound Publishing. She is also putting on the finishing touches of another novella, Hearts and Diamonds .

Nichelle Gregory is this author's pen name and a few of her family members know about her spicier work.

"I enjoy the anonymity that comes along with a pen name," she said, "but I wish I could share all of my books with my family."

Nichelle started keeping a journal at an early age, and she still has all of them.

"Writing has always been a part of me," she told me." I enjoy writing songs, poetry and actually started writing my first romance in 9th grade. I kept it up through high school, typing out my scenes on my mom's typewriter. I never imagined I would actually become a published author."

For Nichelle, erotica is two people coming together to experience the pleasures of sex with no strings attached, but there are usually some level of emotion leading the characters to the bedroom...or wherever. Erotic romance is about more than sex, but rather the feelings and emotions or rather the storybehind the sex that usually leads the characters to love. Pornography may or may not be about emotion/feelings. It's simply a physical act, with nothing in common with hot, well-written erotic fiction.

"What are some of the biggest public misconceptions about erotica?" I asked.

"That it takes no talent to write a hot sex scene. I've read bad sex scenes that I actually skipped through reading to the end and scorching sex scenes I had to reread to take it all in," she said with a smile. "Personally, writing the sex scenes in my erotic romances takes the most time and effort. I want to make sure the reader is a part of the experience."

Nichelle has always loved romance stories and has always enjoyed spicier tales, so it was a natural progression for her to start writing scorching hot stories. All of her work, up to now, has been M/F but there are two male characters in her head that keep asking her to write their story.

"I'm afraid," she admitted."I'm not sure I can do the M/M genre justice...we'll see."

On a personal note, Nichelle believes that tummies were made for chocolate syrup to be eaten off of.

"Un, other body parts? Let's stick with chocolate syrup or whipped topping," she said with a wink.

" What is your most embarrassing moment?" I wondered.

"Oh, my, there have been so many...let's see singing the national anthem at a game and forgetting the words about half-way through. You could have heard a pin drop in the gym. I still have nightmares."

Some things you might not know about Nichelle:

Favorite Food? Thai or Italian

Least Favorite Food? Steak ("Not a big meat eater, period," she told me.)

Coke or Pepsi? "Neither one."

Favorite Letter? A

Strangest habit? "Talking to myself before I have to confront someone. I like to role play the scene."

Painted toenails? "Always."
"Have you ever known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue?" I wondered.

"No, but I'm hopeful."

Finally, I asked Nichelle what she would give to authors, both new ones and those wanting to write erotic romance.

"For new writer's: keep writing, get a critique partner, keep writing, hone your craft, submit. No matter what, don't give up!

"For author's wanting to write erotica, start reading erotica that you enjoy. Figure out which authors you like and why you like them. The answer will help you become a better writer of erotica."

You can keep up with Nichelle on her blog,

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