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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat by Mysti Holiday

Darcy tugged on her costume, adjusting the deep V-neck of the black witches dress to show a little more cleavage. Would Rick be surprised to see her? He’d been so busy the past week, they hadn’t seen each other at all. She missed him. After more than a year together, her heart still went a little crazy when she saw him. Now, it was Halloween. Time for a little trick or treat.

Taking a deep, calming breath, she rang his doorbell. The door swung open so quickly it was as though he’d been waiting for her. She straightened the witches hat on her head, smiled and said, “Trick or Treat.” She held out the canvas bag in her hands and waited.

His whiskey brown eyes crinkled at the corners, then raked her from head to toe. He gave her a slow smile that turned her insides to mush and soaked her crotch, making her wish she’d worn panties to staunch the evidence of her need. “I choose trick.” His hand closed over her wrist and he pulled her inside.

Before she could say a word, he’d pulled her down the hall and into his room. The lights were off, but when she reached for the switch he stopped her. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Close your eyes.”

She did, then jumped when he tied a blindfold onto her face. She heard the switch turn on then, though her world remained dark. “Rick?”

His hands brushed her neck and then untied the bow that held her dress in place; it puddled at her feet, leaving her completely naked.

“No panties?” His fingers dipped into her moisture, rubbing her clit and then dipping inside her for just a moment. She jolted at his touch, moaning her desire. “Naughty girl.” The swat on her ass took her by surprise and she cried out softly, amazed at how much it turned her on. He’d never done that before, never done any of this before. Her heart pounded, and she gasped when his hand squeezed her butt cheek hard enough she’d have bruises in the morning.

His hand rubbed the sting away, then traveled up and cupped her breasts. His thumbs circled her hard nipples, and her gut tightened. She leaned back, dropping her head onto his chest, rubbing her ass against his cock which strained against his jeans.

He imprisoned her wrists in one of his and pulled her to the bed, laying her down on her back. “Still trust me?”

She nodded, then gulped when he tied each hand to a post.

“If you want me to stop, say uncle.” He brushed her cheek with his fingers. “Tell me you understand.”

Darcy cleared her throat and whispered. “If I want you to stop, I say uncle. But I don’t want you to.”

“That’s my girl.”

She heard the sound of him disrobing and shivered with the need to feel him, to kiss him, to take him in her mouth. “I want to taste you.”

“Do you?” He climbed on the bed and straddled her. “In time, sweetheart. Me first.”

His mouth kissed a trail down her body, tongue flicking across her nipples. He suckled one for a moment, then nipped at the tender flesh, the mix of pain and pleasure sending shudders down her body. His hands caressed her sides, her hips and then cupped her ass and lifted her pussy to his mouth. She bucked against the restraints as he teased her clit with his tongue, circling it, rubbing it and building the pressure inside. She panted, gasping and squirming at his touch. He set her down on the bed and plunged two fingers inside her heat, pumping them at the same time that he sucked on her nub. She pushed her hips into him, keeping the rhythm he set with his fingers until her walls clenched and she screamed her release.

Before she’d come down completely, he moved up and pressed his cock against her lips, the tip damp and salty with precum. She opened her mouth wide, taking him in, sucking and swirling her tongue around the head. She pulled against the ties again, wanting to hold him, to cup his balls and she whimpered her frustration.

He simply began to move, fucking her mouth slowly at first and then faster, careful not to hit the back of her throat, but going deeply enough to fill her. She pressed her lips tightly around his length, letting her teeth just scrape the skin as he moved. Her hips moved with the same rhythm and she wished there were two of him, one she could suck on and one in her cunt.

Without warning he pulled from her mouth and released the ties that held her hands in place, but before she could reach for him he flipped her onto her stomach. When she protested, he smacked her ass, harder than the first time, and then again sending heat and cream to her core. “No touching until I say you can.”

“I want you,” she said. “Please.”

He leaned over and pulled something from the nightstand. “You’ll have me. Soon.” Slowly, he inserted a vibrator into her pussy, leaving it there, filling her, as he parted her ass cheeks. “You’ll have all you can take of me.”

When he squirted lubricant onto her ass, she tensed. This was new, too. “Rick? I’m scared.”

“Is that uncle?” he asked, slipping one finger into her tight hole. With the pressure from the vibrator in her cunt, and his finger inside her ass, she nearly came right then. What would it feel like with his cock in her? She needed to know.

“No. God. Do it.” She raised her ass, pushing against his finger and moving one hand down to slip the vibrator in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Rick eased a second finger in beside the first, scissoring them until she relaxed enough that it no longer ached. He pulled them out and squirted more lubricant, then pressed the tip of his cock against her. “Last chance, Darcy.”

“Please...” she plunged the vibrator in and out and moved against him, taking the head of his cock inside. “More.”

She thought she’d come apart in a million pieces as he slowly eased inside. The moan that vibrated in his throat told her he was as fucking turned on as she was, and so close to coming. He moved then, carefully filling her until his balls slapped her labia. Then, as though he couldn’t control it anymore he pulled out and then drove into her; pain mixed with the most intense pleasure she’d ever felt. Again and again he pistoned inside her and she moved the vibrator to the pace he set. The pressure built again, and before she could slow it down, she exploded with an orgasm. He pushed inside her one more time then gave a guttural cry of release.

She squeezed against him, milking him of every last drop of cum. He slipped out of her ass then, and they collapsed on the bed. He turned her toward him and removed her blindfold.

“Uncle,” he said with a laugh. “You nearly killed me. Now, it’s time for your treat.”

She smiled lazily, completely satisfied. “You mean that wasn’t it?”

He shook his head and reached behind her, fumbling to pick something else up off the nightstand. “I love you, Darcy.”

“I love you, too.” She cupped his face and kissed him.

“Then maybe you’ll accept this treat.” He held out a small diamond solitaire. “And let me be yours for the rest of our lives.”

She didn’t answer him, but simply slipped it on her finger and then reached for the restraints. “My turn.”

About the author: Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a very busy SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies. She's married to a wonderful man who happily sacrifices himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of interesting and unusual situations in which to place her characters. But most of all, she's a sucker for a happy ending. Find out about her erotic short stories from The Wild Rose Press at or

Author Interview: A.B. Gayle

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome A.B. Gayle, whose latest release Caught is available from Dreamspinner Press.

I asked A.B. how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography. "Let's start with the last one first. To me, pornography is primarily visual where the sole purpose is to get the reader or viewer sexually excited. William Maltese has already trademarked the phrase 'One Hand Reads' - otherwise I'd use it," she said with a smile.

To be able to define the difference between erotica and erotic fiction, she told me, she relies on the advice of Morgan Hawke and The Cheater's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance for Publication and Profit, in which she maintains that to be erotica, the sex has to drive the plot. Take away the sex and all the motivations and stimuli for the plot disappear.

"She goes on to define erotic romance as being different. In that, while the sex still drives the plot, it catapults the characters on an adventure which they wouldn't have embarked on if it hadn't been for the sex." She added with a laugh, "I think I've interpreted her correctly."

A.B. classifies her work as gay romance, but realizes that in the publishing world, any romance between two men is immediately classified as "erotica" even though the level of sex in the story may be tame by comparison to some New York heterosexual romances.

"Yes, there's some sex in Mardi Gras but there's not a liberal sprinkling of the four C's as I like to call them – cunt, cock, clitoris and cum," she explained. "Well, two are definitely not there as the two protagonists are male, but you know what I mean. The presence of these words is often another frequent tool for defining the work as erotica. But, for the purpose of this interview, let's go with the market's definition, otherwise I've got no excuse for being here, right?

"Mind you, if we believe everything we read in the m/m genre, with men everything revolves around sex, so the erotica tag would stick."

A.B. is not a homosexual male, but she wants to portray her characters as accurately and with as much respect as possible, so she has done a lot of reading –both fiction and nonfiction—written by gay guys and people who are not homosexual.

"One of the problems dealing with any sex, group, age, whatever, is that we shouldn't make blanket statements. I also don't want to perpetuate inaccurate stereotypes," she said. "I've been lucky that a few male m/m writers have been incredibly generous with their advice and feedback. I've been in contact with William Maltese, Josh Lanyon, Patric Michael to name just a few and all have helped by shedding light on popular misconceptions.

"For example after reading his novella Timeless, which explores the concept of friendship between two males, I had an amusing discussion with Patric about the amount of pre-cum some writers seem to think all males have.

"Josh is always at me to 'Man 'em Up, Dude.' I sent him one of my WIPs for his script evaluation service, partly because I needed help with the structure of the book which is a dual first person POV which backtracks like a Rashomon, but I also wanted his opinions about my characters. Were they believable?

"Well, when it came back, my manuscript was littered with comments like: 'This is such feminine thinking', 'These guys all act like thirteen year old girls', 'These blokes do a lot of shivering and shuddering.'"

A.B. said one thing she didn't want to do is write "chicks with dicks" like some other m/m authors do. She's afraid that one reason the percentage of males who read m/m is low might be because they can't identify with the male stud protagonists any more than she could identify with the beautiful, dainty but strong female protagonists that turned her off m/f romance in the first place.

"Did you always start out to write erotica?" I asked.

"Definitely not." She laughed. "My original aim was and still is to write a 'diary' of a historical figure. I did three years of research which I still plan to use. As the character is a male, I felt I needed to learn how to write his dialogue and inner thoughts convincingly. This led me by a circuitous route via Denise Rossetti to Aleks Voinov and Special Forces and then to Josh Lanyon. I'm still talking to guys who write and searching their work for that elusive difference.

"Are we different inside? Do males and women think differently? Can you tell if a book is written by a man or a woman? I've been editing a couple of f/f books which have actually been written by heterosexual males. Is that fact detectable in their writing? Are we annoyed if we're misled about the sex of the writer? Are we pushing our characters into gender stereotypes? In some ways, the longer I'm in the business, the more questions get thrown up. I've been accused lately about making too many assumptions and generalizations.

"Perhaps that's the advice I'd give any new writer. Everyone is different. Search out the difference in your character, your plot, your backstory, the thing that will make your book worth publishing and worth reading. Write from the heart."

I asked A.B. what her most embarrassing moment was and she told me, "It's coming up right now. I'm in my late fifties. I don't know how old your readers are, but I suspect some said good-bye to menopause some time ago. One of the best by-products I found of reading erotica is that I can now say good-bye to the K-Y jelly! Is that embarrassing enough for you? No, seriously, it works. Maybe that's what we should say to all the critics. Reading erotica is much less likely to cause cancer than hormone replacement therapy. "

I also wondered what food she thought was best for eating off another person's tummy or other body part.

"Depends on the person," she assured me. "If it was Hugh Jackman, I'd say something that wouldn't come off very easily, so I’d have to work really, really, really hard to get it off. Something incredibly sticky. Sorry, my brains so busy imagining doing it, I can't really concentrate on the answer! Other body part? Hm, honey coated dick? You did ask! Though on second thoughts, honey might be too sweet. Again, I'll have to think long and hard about that one. Maybe experiment a little."

However, there are some foods she can't bring herself to eat.

"I'm afraid I'm a bit of a gastronomic wimp," she said. "I've never eaten an oyster and I'm not going to start now. Ditto snails. My Mum made us eat animal organs such as brain, kidney, liver and tripe. Yuck. One of the first things I found I had in common with my husband was how long we'd sit there stubbornly refusing to eat them! Why eat parts of the body that were designed to eliminate waste products?"

"What's your favorite letter?" I asked.

"One that says my book's been accepted for publication. Oh, you didn't mean that kind of a letter? Well, why didn't you say so? The letter X as it stands for a kiss or the unknown."

She closed with, "All in all, I have to thank everyone who gave me the courage to try to be a writer. I'm still not convinced I am, and probably will have these self-doubts till I've a few successful books out there. Thanks, Marianne and Judy, for having me on Whipped Cream. I hope I haven't bored you all senseless. Without sites like yours and the great readers who frequent them there wouldn't be a world for my books to live in."

You can keep up with A.B. on her blog,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

Why I Write for Beautiful Trouble Publishing

I’ve watched a lot of publishing companies come on the scene, open their doors wide, beckon authors and then disappear in the middle of the night—Crossroads, Venus, just to name a couple. So, even after ten years of spinning yarns and trying to find homes from them, I don’t normally select a new publishing company to send my works. My works are like my children—they require as much labor as does pushing one out of my womb. They’re born, they grow and when they’re adults, they go out into the world. So, understand when I say, I don’t place my titles just anywhere. I’ve got enough scars from being burned by other new publishers to last a lifetime.

I write for Beautiful Trouble Publishing for several reasons. The biggest reason is that I trust Jeanie and Jayha. They’re authors themselves and their company is author-friendly. They care about giving the author the professional and proper royalties, feedback, and marketing push. Beautiful Trouble Publishing doesn’t cut corners to save money at the author’s expense.

Beautiful Trouble Publishing’s mantra is “a dealer of superior read.” They mean to deliver it. It isn’t just some clever marketing ploy. In nearly every decision they make at BTP, they’re working on providing a superior read. Every title. Every author. Every time. I love that about their company. That’s not to say that my other publishers don’t attempt to provide a great, quality story for you. They do. But BTP is focused on involving the author in that process—and they do so in a manner that is both professional and respectful. This is why I write for Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

So, I encourage you, dear readers, to “lose your inhibitions. Grab your imagination. Join us on the adventure.”

RaeLynn Blue

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

You Still Don’t Know Nothing About Me

The title of this blog is also the title of a song by Sting. I’ve done a lot of blogs, interviews, and guest spots. Not bragging, but when you’ve done something for over a decade, you need a fresh start to a task.  So, when thinking about what to blog about, I thought about how many of my friends don’t know about my love affair with Sting’s music. That got me to thinking about other things you may not know about me.

So, this post is dedicated to what you don’t know about RaeLynn Blue. I realize that once I post these, these won’t be secrets any more.

Here we go. Mind you, these aren’t in any order of importance

  1. My husband and I met through an online personal advertisement.
  2. I wrote under an erotic pen name back in 1998.
  3. I once owned a gecko, a dog, and two cats.
  4. I grew up in a housing project.
  5. I was involved in a daycare bus crash when I was five. The boy beside me died.
  6. I’m in love with a cartoon character.
  7. Some of my erotic stories are true. No, I won’t tell you which stories are true.

Now, you may say I haven’t told you anything. I have told you more than I’ve told most of the people in the Badazz Author group and certainly more than my fellow authors at Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Count yourself in the loop and privy to secrets that no other reader, not reading this blog post, will possess about RaeLynn Blue.

I guess you’re right though. Even after these seven secrets, you still won’t know nothing about me.

RaeLynn Blue

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

Four Steps to Juggling

I’m an author of close to thirty titles. I’m also a mother of three boys. Three boys under the age of 10. Yes. You read that right. Maybe you’ll want to read it again. Three boys under the age of 10 and I write erotic romances. I also have a full time and a husband who occasionally would like his time, too.

So, how do I do it?

I’m a very good juggler. Honestly, I have to be. Now, if you’ve ever been to a circus, a Renaissance Festival, or some other entertainment that involves jugglers, you know that they sometimes make an error and items fall. The same happens to me. Here are some things you can do to keep the pins, balls, life from hitting the ground.

1. Use a calendar. I schedule everything. I schedule when my writings-in-process are supposed to be done. I schedule all of my sons’ activities. I also schedule time for one-on-one time with my husband.
2. Plan accordingly. This is different from number one, but one of the things I’ve learned is to plan accordingly. I do plan when I can do things as to not have too many events, stories, etc. due all at the same time. You need to keep a detailed schedule in order to plan, yes, but a detailed calendar doesn’t mean diddly-do-dah unless you use it to plan.

3. Know your limits. I know what I can do and what I cannot. That’s taken a lot of trial and error. You must know what you can do both as a writer and as a parent. Be realistic.

4. Say no. Sounds simple, right?  Telling someone no isn’t always easy or simple. Especially when it’s your boss, your publisher or your family. Once you know your limits, you can start telling people no and declining overbooking yourself and overextending yourself.  

    Using these four steps help me become a very good juggler. It also allows me to bring my stories to you. If you use these steps, you’ll be able to juggle too.

    RaeLynn Blue

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Tuesday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

    RaeLynn’s Reflecting Pool

    When at conventions and book signings, readers often ask, “RaeLynn, where do your ideas come from?” 

    I often answer, “From my reflecting pool.”

    I always get funny looks or “what?”

    “From my reflecting pool.”

    A reflecting pool is an ancient pool of water that’s used for reflecting images. Right now, you’re probably thinking well duh.  When my Muse decides to take a vacation or when she’s watching the football games (Go Steelers), I sometimes need to find a way to jump start my writing.

    So, I go to what I call my reflecting pool. It’s a collection of random slips of paper, articles, and jots of thoughts. The collection is a paper pool of bits of ideas and slips of creativity. As a writer, I love to write and I write a lot—on napkins, on slips of paper, on the backs of receipts, and on just about anything I can find. Sometimes these thoughts don’t go to anything or fit into any story I’m currently working on. Then it goes into the pool. I promptly forget about it.

    In my ten years of writing professionally, it never fails that I will reach a block. It’s inevitable. Writer’s block is an ugly, controlling, and horrible condition. When I can go to my pool, dip my mental fingers inside and pull out a remedy. From the droplets of inspiration from my reflecting pool, I can begin to write, push through the block, and eventually write something you enjoy (hopefully). My friend, Drea Riley, said that she puts blood in and ink out, and that’s probably the most profound explanation of writing that I’ve ever heard. When I’m using my reflecting pool those droplets become stories and multiply.

    Soon I have a rainfall of ideas and from those showers, well, stories flower.

    Enjoy the reading and go get wet! You can find a full garden of my stories at my website,

    RaeLynn Blue

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Monday Spotlight: RaeLynn Blue

    Master of My Universes

    Greetings! My name is RaeLynn Blue and I am master of my universes. Yes, you read that correctly—universes. I am a world builder and I love it. As an author, there’s nothing more wonderful then creating an entire world—government, military, currency, and people populating those worlds. I’m convinced that’s why Tolkien, Rowling and King all write multiple books in a series. Once you’ve put so much time, effort, blood and sweat into creating a world—I so understand why God rested on the seventh day—as an author I can’t walk away from it. I have to go back to it again and again.  Over time, that world becomes as comfortable to me as my own and each character’s story beckons to be told.

    As a reader, I used to believe that authors kept writing stories in a certain world, a certain series, because they wanted to keep getting paid. Although as an author, I too want to receive royalties, I’ve come to understand that the reason why I (I cannot speak for other authors) continue to revisit certain worlds, is because I’ve put so much work into building it. I liken worldbuilding to building a house by hand and then refusing to live in it.

    My latest release from Beautiful Trouble Publishing—Penelope’s Surrender: A Guardians of the Gate story. Most people are familiar with Greek mythology; however, I’ve taken the classic gods, goddesses, and demi-gods/demi-goddesses and modernized them. I’ve altered their purposes, changed their worlds a bit, expanding them and changing them to fit my own purposes (insert evil worldbuilder laughter here).

    For an author, I’m excited to create the worlds. Of course, the building takes the longest time, but once it’s done, it’s fantastic to play and spin a yarn or two about people in that world. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out. Purchase a copy of Penelope’s Surrender from Beautiful Trouble Publishing today.

    RaeLynn Blue

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Dream Warriors by Trinity Blacio

    Black and red candles flickered in the cool night. The only noise was that of an owl which hooted in the distance. Frankie’s bed of satin sheets lay in the middle of her yard.

    Several days ago, the dream of her two ancient warriors woke her in one of the most powerful orgasms. Every night since then, Cass and Dred worshipped her body, teased and punished her every night.

    Tonight, she was ready for them. The spell had been cast. Her body burned with desire, and the moon was full.

    “I hope this works, Auntie.” Frankie sighed, praying it was true the two men were trying to locate her. She only hoped it was because they wanted her. “I’m forty years old now. I need a man in my life, but two would be a fantasy come true.”

    She dropped her robe to the ground and dabbed on the potion her aunt had given her. Her nipples hardened, and moisture gathered between her legs. Frankie stepped into the almost complete circle of salt and finished closing it behind her.

    She closed her eyes. “Dreams of past hear me calling you, summon those who are called Cass and Dred. The door is open if they wish to enter my realm.”

    Outside the circle, smoke swirled, candles flared to life, and the wind blew the smoke around her circle, hiding her from the outside world. Frankie kneeled on the bed and waited.

    * * * *
    “Wake up, beautiful; you have a choice to make,” Cass whispered into her ear.

    Dred stood behind his brother, watching their mate.

    She turned and smiled at them. “I thought I was giving you a choice.” Her voice sexy and drowsy.

    “I’m afraid there’s no way we can come to your world, little queen. We are the dream warriors, Kings in most circles. We rule the dream world and can’t leave it.”

    “Enough, Cass, tell her. We don’t have much time,” Dred ordered.

    Frankie sat up. “You mean you don’t want me? That you were just playing with me.”

    She stared down at her hands. “I’m too old, aren’t I? Thank you for giving me the best two weeks.” She rose, ready to leave.

    He couldn’t stand to see her hurt. Dred grabbed her around her waist, halting her movements. “You don’t listen too well, do you? That’s okay; we have centuries to teach you.”

    “We want you to come to our home and be our queen. We promise to make you happy and to train you when it comes to our loving.”

    Cass cupped her cheek. “Come home with us, Frankie. Let us show you how much we love you.”

    She looked up into Cass’s face. “Can I contact my aunt? She’s all that I have left and I’d hate to have her worried about me,” she asked.

    He turned her to face him. “Yes, Frankie, you’ll be able to talk to your aunt. We wouldn’t do that to you. I hope that's a yes, because we have a long night planned.” He held out his hand.

    She looked at him then at Cass and smiled. “Where you go, I go.” Frankie slipped her small delicate hand into his. He and his brother transported her back to their realm and into their bedroom.

    * * * *

    Frankie gaped at the room around her.

    “You can search till your heart is content tomorrow. We need to seal our bond,” he growled. Her clothes disappeared as Dred moved her up against the wall, sliding his cock into her wet pussy.

    Cass stood next to them and waited. “I’m sorry our first time will be hard and fast, but later we will worship every inch of your body.” He kissed her mouth gently.

    Dred pumped into her hard and swung her around so his back hit the wall. “Grab the lube, Cass, its time." He separated her ass cheeks for Cass and she moaned. The cool sensation of the lube only enhanced her pleasure. She tried to squirm, but he held her in place. “Easy.”

    Her gaze met Dred’s.“You don’t need to be thinking of other men. There will be only us.” His gaze held hers while he swatted her ass.

    “Dred…” Her words died, and a moan replaced it. Cass slowly entered her ass.

    “Only Dred and Cass!” he growled, slamming into her.

    Frankie rested her head on Cass’s chest, her finger nails digging into Dred’s shoulders.

    “Now you belong to us and only us.” His eyes turned black as night. Both men counter each other’s moves.

    “We claim you as our queen, our lover, our heart, and our life,” Cass and Dred said in unison.

    Frankie banged her head against Cass’s chest and whimpered. Her blood had to be boiling, she was so hot. Sweat dripped down her face. Dred smiled and kissed her lips.

    “Soon the change will be over. Just hold on,” he whispered against her lips.

    Every muscle in her body twitched and twisted, the fine hair on her body stood straight, and their cocks grew larger spurting their seed into her.

    Dred reached between their bodies, rubbing her clit, building more pleasure until she could hold on no longer.

    She moaned into Dred’s mouth, her body in overdrive. The orgasm rippled through her, sending both men over the edge.

    Cass waved his hand and the bedroom window opened bringing in a cool breeze.

    Pulling out of her, Cass lay down on the bed. He reached out, taking her from Dred’s arms and laid her down next to him.

    Cass palmed her breast, playing with her nipple. “You did well, our queen. Rest for a few before we start again.”

    Frankie buried her head against Cass’s stomach. She smiled and kissed his chest. There was doubt in her mind she had made the right choice. Her life would be filled with passion and love.

    Author bio: Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for eight years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, and Ravenous Romance, with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

    Author Interview: Nichelle Gregory

    Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Nichelle Gregory, whose first contemporary novella, Lovin' Leela, was released this month from Total eBound Publishing. She is also putting on the finishing touches of another novella, Hearts and Diamonds .

    Nichelle Gregory is this author's pen name and a few of her family members know about her spicier work.

    "I enjoy the anonymity that comes along with a pen name," she said, "but I wish I could share all of my books with my family."

    Nichelle started keeping a journal at an early age, and she still has all of them.

    "Writing has always been a part of me," she told me." I enjoy writing songs, poetry and actually started writing my first romance in 9th grade. I kept it up through high school, typing out my scenes on my mom's typewriter. I never imagined I would actually become a published author."

    For Nichelle, erotica is two people coming together to experience the pleasures of sex with no strings attached, but there are usually some level of emotion leading the characters to the bedroom...or wherever. Erotic romance is about more than sex, but rather the feelings and emotions or rather the storybehind the sex that usually leads the characters to love. Pornography may or may not be about emotion/feelings. It's simply a physical act, with nothing in common with hot, well-written erotic fiction.

    "What are some of the biggest public misconceptions about erotica?" I asked.

    "That it takes no talent to write a hot sex scene. I've read bad sex scenes that I actually skipped through reading to the end and scorching sex scenes I had to reread to take it all in," she said with a smile. "Personally, writing the sex scenes in my erotic romances takes the most time and effort. I want to make sure the reader is a part of the experience."

    Nichelle has always loved romance stories and has always enjoyed spicier tales, so it was a natural progression for her to start writing scorching hot stories. All of her work, up to now, has been M/F but there are two male characters in her head that keep asking her to write their story.

    "I'm afraid," she admitted."I'm not sure I can do the M/M genre justice...we'll see."

    On a personal note, Nichelle believes that tummies were made for chocolate syrup to be eaten off of.

    "Un, other body parts? Let's stick with chocolate syrup or whipped topping," she said with a wink.

    " What is your most embarrassing moment?" I wondered.

    "Oh, my, there have been so many...let's see singing the national anthem at a game and forgetting the words about half-way through. You could have heard a pin drop in the gym. I still have nightmares."

    Some things you might not know about Nichelle:

    Favorite Food? Thai or Italian

    Least Favorite Food? Steak ("Not a big meat eater, period," she told me.)

    Coke or Pepsi? "Neither one."

    Favorite Letter? A

    Strangest habit? "Talking to myself before I have to confront someone. I like to role play the scene."

    Painted toenails? "Always."
    "Have you ever known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue?" I wondered.

    "No, but I'm hopeful."

    Finally, I asked Nichelle what she would give to authors, both new ones and those wanting to write erotic romance.

    "For new writer's: keep writing, get a critique partner, keep writing, hone your craft, submit. No matter what, don't give up!

    "For author's wanting to write erotica, start reading erotica that you enjoy. Figure out which authors you like and why you like them. The answer will help you become a better writer of erotica."

    You can keep up with Nichelle on her blog,

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Friday Spotlight: Kele Moon

    Master Cutter
    By Kele Moon

    My new novel, Beyond Eden is by no means a short story. At over 120,000 words it’s certainly longer than the average erotic romance and I worried about breaking the current tending by putting such a hefty book on the market. Imagine my surprise when readers started sending me emails thanking me for writing a longer novel that they could really sink their teeth into. I was stunned at how many people were grateful for the longer length of the book, many begging me not to write shorter books in the future.

    What people may be surprised to learn is that in another file on my computer, I have approximately 80,000 words of cut scenes from Beyond Eden. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to writing. If a scene didn’t work for me I’d simply cut it and start over.

    I heard the advice at a writer’s conference that if you have reached a point where you can’t write anymore, if you’re stuck and unable to push forward in writing the story, it’s possible you’ve taken a wrong turn. The suggestion was to go back, try to find where the wrong turn was taken and then cut and start over. It’s been a hugely successful tactic for me as a writer, even if I had to put scenes I loved into a cut file that will probably only ever be read by me.

    I think a lot of authors hesitate to cut scenes once they are written, feeling like their work is being wasted, but I don’t think that’s true. I actually went back and read through all the cut scenes from Beyond Eden not too long ago and I was shocked to see how much of what I cut ended up being used in different ways for other parts of the story. It turned out the ideas were right, I was just putting them in the wrong places. Other scenes that didn’t end up in the story at all still helped shape and define the characters. Even if certain bits were left out of the story, they existed to me as an author and helped define the characters in a way that made them live and breathe for the readers.

    No writing is wasted writing. It all helps hone the story, even if it’s not included in the final draft. Creating a story is a journey, part of that journey is getting to know your characters. Even if you write scenes that will never see the light of day, it was an exercise that gave your characters dimension they may not have had before.

    And you never know what you could end up using later. My favorite cut scene from Beyond Eden is now perfect for the prequel I’m working on—it was a good scene, it was just in the wrong story!