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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Shara Azod

A little known fact about me is that I am kind of despotic. If I could be anyone I wanted, I think I would be Cleopatra I- not the one who got Marc Anthony killed, but the first one. I think I deserve to rule a country for a little while. Or maybe Elizabeth I, or even Catherine the Great. I have this absolute rule fascination thing going on. I would probably never admit it again, but I have a deep enthrallment with people like Ivan the Terrible. I mean, how scary do you have to be before someone tries to chop you into pieces?

Beside the whole total power thing, if I was the absolute ruler I could eat the most fantastic, decadent chocolate desserts all the time. Chocolate would be like a national treasure in all its forms. Dark, milk, white, swirl, I don’t care I love it all. I would immediately outlaw banish Brussels sprouts because really, do we have need of these disgusting bundles of ewwww? And I would make Pepsi put in all their commercials that it is simply Coke the Lesser. And, yes, you can tell the difference. Coke has a much more robust taste where as Pepsi is too sweet. I know all soda is sweet but Pepsi to me is like the knock off Coke. I would also decree that everything should have an “x” word in it. I just love that letter, simply because it has so many naughty meanings. What other letter can boast such a thing?

In the future I really want to do a series starring anti-heroes . I think it would be so cool see the bad guy get the girl and totally be vulnerable for the first time in their lives. I would so love to explore the darker side of romance, love on the razor's edge of being dangerous or even obsession. I don’t in any way advise anyone to go out looking for that in real life. When you have an inkling for some danger, it is usually better to curl up with a good book and let the characters do it for you.

That is the really great thing about eBooks, you can always think outside the box and let it rip. Some of the best plots, the best stories ,the most interesting characters can be found in eBooks. I think the most interesting books I have written could have only been published electronically. Like the 1001 Nights series, which a play off of 1001 Arabian Nights. Now all I have to do is write more of them!


WC said...

Hi Shara, I wouldn't mind seeing the bad guy get the girl occasionally. I love bad boys as much as the good ones in some of these stories.


Serenity King said...

As usual Shara, great post! I love bad guys as well. All I can say is just keep your works! BTW- I feel the same about Coke and Pepsi.


cherryce said...

Go girl you can rule the world. And yes I agree Pepsi is sweeter than Coke